Oct 10, 2010
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Stone Mtn GA USA
    1. Mickduc
      Hi Winston, I’d like to get a spoofer for a Gen III, 2010. Paypal funds request via [email protected] Thanks!
    2. bikes4u
      Hello, I need a spoofer for Gen 2 year 2005 sent to 46048. Can you please let me know how much and how to proceed. Thanks
    3. ikefor
      Hi ccdisce,
      I want one each of the Gen 2 and Gen 3 spoofers, my email is [email protected] I can process your PayPal payment there. Thanks
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    4. Cloude1
      would like to buy your ECT spoofer. Gen 2 Prius, 2004. I'm in Sydney Australia.
      Please email price to:
      [email protected]
    5. ExMachina08
      Curious about you ECT spoofer. Gen 2 Prius. I believe I want the behind the glovebox version. Paypal address is [email protected]
    6. m.wynn

      Are you comfy enough with the gen 3 spoofer to sell me one?.. I just picked up a 2010 and with fall weather setting in, the darn thing runs the entire time I do around town stuff! After 5 months of spoofing in my '07, I can say your spoofer is easily the best dollar-for-dollar mod in the prius universe.

      Thanks again,
      [email protected]
    7. m.wynn
      Hi Winston - Still doing the spoofer for Gen II (07)?... I'd love one.

      [email protected]
    8. JBumps
      I've been lurking over the threads on a spoofer for a couple of years it seems. Can't resist anymore! Please email me at [email protected] so I can get my order in.

      Just for clarifcation, it is for a GenIII

    9. kneedraggin
      Hey there-
      Would like one of your spoofers for a Gen 3 prius.
      Email me at : [email protected]

    10. noyax
      hello, I'm Noyax and I'd like to buy one of your ECT spoofers. My e-mail adress is [email protected]

    11. Mister MMT
      Mister MMT
      Hi Winston, I finally mounted the ECT-spoofer today. I do not possess a scangauge, but the car is doing fine, and the engine shuts down when expected. Neverteheless, I am concerned. Upon a cold start, I see orange and blue LEDs, the blue "heatbeating". After 2 miles, the blue becomes permanent, but I also get a red one between the orange and blue ones. I am afraid something is wrong.

      Best regards,

    12. adrian scott
      adrian scott
      I'd also like to buy one of your ECT spoofers. I have a Gen3 Prius (in Australia) with an Enginer PHEV kit.
      email: [email protected]
      thank You!
    13. epa5epa
      Hi ccdisce,

      I 'd like to buy one of your ECT spoofers for a Gen2 Prius. Please send email to [email protected] Thanks.
    14. spattex
      Hi ccdisce,
      I am from Holland the Netherlands and i like to buy your ECT spoofer.
      I have a gen 2 prius, would you email me on [email protected] fore instructions for payment ad Paypal.

      Thanks in Advance
    15. lopezjm2001
      I would like to buy one of your ECT spoofers for a Gen2 Prius. Please send email to [email protected] Thanks.
    16. Mister MMT
      Mister MMT
      Hi ccdisce,

      Kurzer from Germany (Priusfreunde) made a video about your excellent ECT spoofer.

      I'd like to order one, possibly in an SD case. Please PM me ordering instructions.

      1. ccdisce

        You will need to send me your e-mail address and I will send you a PayPal Invoce for $39USD. When I recieve payment I will send out the kit.

        Jun 12, 2012
    17. Wai-Ping
      Been a PC lurker for a while. Just joined. your ECT spoofer sounds good. Would like to buy one. Please email me on [email protected] from UK London.
      Many thanks
      1. ccdisce
        I sent you an e-mail
        Jun 4, 2012
    18. FirstFlight
      I'd like one of these. How much is it?
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      2. ccdisce
        I you started out in EV mode implying that you may not have even started the idle dance Iwould think that it will do a full one as soon as it can. If you do not have a ECT Spoofer then you may have to do the full 'dance'.
        Whether to start off in EV or idle in Park in your driveway for the regular hybrid Prius this has been discussed here at PC.
        Jun 14, 2012
      3. FirstFlight
        I think the "idle dance" was my problem on the first day. The engine was running, I hadn't requested EV and the spoofer was spoofing. I had to floor it to get into traffic and the engine felt like it was misfiring. My engine will do this when it's cold (without spoofer) and I have to floor it. Once the engine gets warm, this isn't an issue.
        Jun 14, 2012
      4. ccdisce
        The 'rough' start can be reduced by cleaning the throttle body as I suggested and maybe the MAF and temperature sensor if you have not done so already this year.
        PriiDash is an excellent ( IMHO ) way to monitor and log the ECT gyrations that occur on start up. It also monitors HV Fan Voltage along with HV upper and lower battery temps etc.
        Jun 14, 2012
    19. ErikR
      [Joined the forum just to contact you for your ETC Spoofer]. I'm interested in getting one from you (Ideally with a remote(?) CD display). I have a 2007 Prius. How much & how do you want me to get the $ to you? Thanks, ErikR
      1. ccdisce
        What is a remote(?) CD display
        Jun 2, 2012
      2. FirstFlight
        He probably meant to say "LCD" display.
        Jun 2, 2012
      3. ccdisce
        There is no 'remote' as all components are on one pcb with the LCD drive capable microcontroller mounted undeneath the LCD.
        This unit requires cutting the ECT sensor lead to connect in this version but it is the ultimate geeky version as the setpoints are easily reflashed on the fly.

        There are packaging issues and the PCB needs to be re-spun so it has not been released to production.
        Jun 4, 2012
    20. usnavystgc
      Hey CC, I am interested in obtaining your auto coolant temp hack for an upcoming phev project. Is there any way to get one of those from you? My name is Phil and my email is [email protected] Flying White Dutchman is also interested.
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