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    1. tri4all
      hi chapmanf, can you bring some light into this hot topic today? we can use your expertise on this thread if you have a chance. thanks. Load tester for individual modules? | Page 2 | PriusChat
    2. Q*bertZ
      My 2002 Prius needs the steering torque calibrated. My scan tool is supposed to do it, but fails. Are there pins on the OBD port I can touch together the magic number of times in the right number of seconds to set it?
      1. ChapmanF
        I believe so; see pages DI-457 to DI-459 (in 2001 book, maybe slightly different page numbers in 2002 edition). Have you started a thread about this? Maybe do that, include what trouble codes you have. That way the thread helps other people, they don't have to read my profile messages.
        Oct 21, 2022
      2. Q*bertZ
        I don't have that book
        Oct 23, 2022
    3. Eduardo Mendez
      Eduardo Mendez
      Is the master brake cylinder, brake actuator, abs pump assembly, the same part with different names ? Thanks
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    4. LARRYG36
      Thank again for the info and pic, Q- what does the coolant do inside the cat ??
      1. ChapmanF
        Nothing. It doesn't go inside the cat. It goes in the exhaust heat recovery exchanger, behind both cats.
        Sep 12, 2022
    5. donzoh1
      I think I need them. It's getting around 34 mpg at this point which is significantly less than before. Also, do you have contact info for Rich?
    6. Dominique Pelkey
      Dominique Pelkey
      Thanks ChapmanF. I did the drag test, and though it was kind of hard to do on our busy roads, I think I was able to do it right. The only wheel/brake I noticed that had more heat than the others was the rear passenger side. It was by no means on fire, but did have more heat than the other 3 wheels. Any idea what I should check further? I have never done anything to the rear brakes...
    7. ChrisPDXPrius2001
      Do you still have the video of you replacing or removing the center console of your 2001 prius? I am looking to replace my MFD display on my 2001. Thanks!
      1. ChapmanF
    8. sandy11246
      Door open indicator does not illuminate if any door is open. All door switches check okay. Does ECU-B control the warning indicator. Also dome light does not illuminate when doors open. Dome will work in ON position. I have schematics for 1st Gen vehicles and it appears to show the dome light (in door position) and the door warning indicator control goes through the body computer. Any suggestions appreciated.
    9. Dbasra99
      Hello, what would be a good reader that would give me both sides of the U0293 error....thanks.
    10. Hobie18
      Apparently deleting the spam in my conversations has made it impossible to send messages so I thought this was the way. I will make a copy and get it on the board soon Thanks
      Thanks for all your posts regarding the Gen III ABS/hazard/directionals issue. I just cut the infamous "sky blue wire at terminal 10" and all is well enough. It's people like you that make PriusChat the amazingly helpful forum it is. Thank you.
    12. freebird1
    13. jimolson
      I wanted to express thanks to you directly for your help today on my MAP sensor question. You must be an EE as I am because you appear to have drawn that schematic yourself. I work at a Carmel medical equipment start-up where I'm a circuit designer. Spend my work day drawing schematics and laying out PCBs with Altium Designer.

      Jim Olson
      Curative Sound LLC
      Carmel, IN US
      [email protected]
      1. ChapmanF
        Dec 12, 2021
    14. Hobie18
      I have the instructions for fixing the brake booster on the Prius c. I would like to post it here. Can I send you the printed copy, (I do not have it electronically), Fax, mail...
      The fix was easier than feared. But the bleeding was let's say vague..
    15. NoThrowningRocks
      Your help has been, as always, invaluable. Finally on TIS but cannot find the New Car Features (NCF) tab or the Repair Manual. Spent a lot of time in Tech Library searching for EVAP and ORVR, found sections in Courses T072, T874, T852, T256 & T151 that are particularly helpful. Any recommendations or help much appreciated! Thanks!
    16. skorpyo33
      Just wanted to stop in and say thanks to the guru that showed me how to hook up an speaker amp to the battery in a 3rd gen prius the correct way. Havent had any problems since too.
    17. Ed Beaty
      Ed Beaty
      Always enjoy your posts. Well thought out, knowledgeable and informative. You also have a diplomatic way of correcting knuckleheads.... 'o)
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    18. Nima psn
      Nima psn
      Hi,I found sth wierd with one of the rear brake, the parking brake did not work and second when I push the brake pedal it work but didn't release, it seems the rotor stuck.There is no leakage from the caliper but I dont know if the caliper piston get back or not or may be other issues and about parking brake I actually have no ideas. I will really appreciate your help.
    19. Scottyboy24
      Thanks! I was about to try some expensive LED's, but I am supposing this problem will also blow/shorten the life of the LED's ? Or since they require less volts, do you think they my work? If you think I will have problems with the LED's, I may call the dealer and see what they charge to fix it before I can make myself try to do it.
    20. mlibanio
      The 33060 navigation unit will indeed work in a US prius. I live in Canada, but my Prius was purchased in the good ol' USA! That unit is a Generation 3 unit where as 47020 unit is a Generation 2. Either will work just fine! However, if I could do it again, I would definitely go with the Generation 3! If you are ever inclinded to attempt the install, let me know, I am more than happy to help you. Dreamer, a PriusChat member, just finished doing it with my help and he is amazed at how much more he loves his car now! I have helped two others on PriusChat do it too. I hated it when people told me it was not possible. Nothing is impossible! I am currently helping a member with a 2007 Prius with a Nav install now. And even now we are blowing apart myths that Priuschat members have been spewing out for the longest time!
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