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driving the Prius is still fun Jul 26, 2014

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May 20, 2016
    1. ctbering
      driving the Prius is still fun
    2. ctbering
      can we just have a little info on the 'all electric Prius instead of always being directed to the hybrid?
    3. davesrose
      Well pictures probably are better then words to show the Nav system:

      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDfEnig6bDk]YouTube - 2010 Toyota Prius: Navigation System[/ame]

      Here's a video that goes over the in dash display:

      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L82_fKUmOp4&feature=related]YouTube - 2010 Toyota Prius: Multi-Information Display[/ame]

      I haven't been in a GenII during a bright day to say which system has better visibility. Even though the hybrid icons are smaller in the Gen III, I think they're pretty well designed (and since it's monochromatic in the recessed dash...I don't get glare). Every once in awhile, when I'm on the highway during a bright day, there is glare on the Nav display.

      I got my car last August: when gas prices were pretty low. The main incentives they were running was complimentary 2 year service plan. Without the trade-in...sales tax and everything, my Prius cost 29k
    4. sas0611
      Hey ctbering - I loved my berner 'McKinley' but we actually had to put him down after 16 months. He had some bad wiring and wanted to kill my wife - hard to believe right ? Not typical of breed. It was one of the most difficult decisions I've had to make. He was a bit spooky with visitors but to me and my son he was the best. She fed and loved him and if I hadn't seen it myself, I'd not believe her. Since then, I spoke to a woman who introduced us to the breed. She had a great big loveable berner from the same breeder. The dog was awesome. That's why we got our from the same breeder. I just spoke to her a few months ago. Seems her berner Teton has had major issues with aggression - tried to kill UPS guy and she can't trust him any longer. Something is definitely up with the breeder's stock in my mind and makes me feel a bit better about the horrible decision I had to make. I would like to get another one but definitely not from this breeder. I never had a dog that I enjoyed as much. I have a golden retriever who is awesome but never felt as connected to him as I do to mckinley. They are just so intelligent and make and keep eye contact unlike the retrievers. As a puppy there is nothing more wonderful than the berner.
    5. sophia_frederika
      Thanks. It was my first public performance. I'd like to become good enough to pick up a few paying performances here and there.
    6. sophia_frederika
      Thanks for the compliment :) I was browsing your album trying to guess which is the princess, but they both look pretty well loved.
    7. darelldd
      I have no idea what this "visitor message" business is... but what the hey. My "other car" is my main car. And it is a 2002 Rav4EV. Full battery electric. The Prius is driven once or twice a month at most.
    8. orracle
      1- Turn car on, cycle odo to read odo and not trip a or b
      2- Turn car off
      3- Turn car on, within 6 seconds press odo and HOLD it
      4- While still holding odo shift into reverse
      5- While still holding odo press park, odo will change to b-on
      6- Press odo once, b-on will become b-off
      7- Turn car off
      8- Turn car on, wait for normal start up beeps to finish and shift silently into
    9. Kpod
      Thanks! Don't know if he likes it yet...just found out yesterday that I've moved up from #18 on the list to #10. It took 5 weeks. I'm going crazy!!! I want my Prius!!!
    10. MsDaisy
      You too! I thought I was going to be the only green Prius in town, but I've seen at least 3 SPM's in the last 4 days! So much for being unique.
    11. Leslie_M
      Oh yes, I've heard that song (great song, BTW). But I want my Prius now. :)
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