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Nov 12, 1979 (Age: 43)
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Charlotte, NC
Running PriusChat & the PriusChat Shop


Admin/Founder, Male, 43, from Charlotte, NC

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Jun 4, 2023 at 5:18 PM
    1. t4haughton
      Hi Danny, I'm reaching out to get some info on a missing PriusChat Shop order (#38739). I did get a confirmation email on Aug. 23 when I placed the order, but I haven't received anything yet and I have no ETA. Please let me know what the status is. I'll take a refund if the items aren't in stock.
    2. Daigi_
      Hello Danny,

      1. Thanks for creating this forum.
      2. Could you please change my username from "Daigi" to "twnzy"? So it can match my license plate.

      Thanks in advance.
    3. MVPLRJohnson
      Ordered a Shark fin antenna from the Priuschat Shop on 12 January, 2020.

      I’m curious the status of this order. It appears to be forgotten. Whom do I need to contact to check on the status of my order?

      Order #27568 Blizzard White Shark fin antenna

      Would appreciate an update or a refund.

      Thank you,
      Michael Johnson
    4. Putu Ariawan
      Putu Ariawan
      Hello Danny! Please change my user name from my real name lol "putu ariawan" to pariawan. Thank you very much.
    5. Erik Owens
      Erik Owens
      Hey Danny could you send me a way delete my profile? I thought this sit was going to be informational and most the "Senior Member" are rude and ignorant that talk down to everyone not just myself. I want nothing to do with this site/ forum any longer. Thank you very much.
    6. PaJa
      Hello Danny, Is there an option to search for users based on their country of origin?
    7. Mendel Leisk
      Mendel Leisk
      Hi Danny. The last few days I've been noticed posting is slow, or just times out. A second try usually works. When it's not working, there's a grey/black sorta rectangular box in upper right corner, with a moving blip. It'll work for 15~20 seconds, then go away. And nothing's happened, you're still in the edit box. Again, a second try usually works.
    8. IABoy987
      I wish there was a way to change box colors. I have failing eyesight and these faint blue lines are almost impossible to see. I wanted to reply to a thread and I can't find the reply box to type into. I try clicking everywhere but nothing happens. How about allowing users to change outlines from faint blue to bold blue or reds for color blinds. Sure would help us seniors!!!
    9. Luv2travel
      Danny, where is the best place on this terrific site to check for maintenance information (specifically why does the maintenance light come on at approximately 26,000 miles). ?


    10. Doc Willie
      Doc Willie
      Danny - I have any idea for a service project, sort of. If you haven't found anything, call me 845-255-5513.
    11. engerysaver
      Suggestion; Give Trophy Points for giving a review at PRIUSchat SHOP, when item is purchased by member; and/or maybe giving Trophy Points for just purchasing the item by member.
      1. Chilly36 and Danny like this.
      2. Danny
        That's a fantastic idea. Thanks for taking the time to share it!
        Jul 23, 2014
    12. engerysaver
      Is their any way to find out the other PRIUSchat members in my area or state ( Texas ) ?
      Reason : Possible starting a PRIUSchat local club....... If enough members can come together!!
      1. Danny
        There's not an especially good way to search for that information right now. I'll see what I can figure out for you.
        Jun 9, 2014
      2. engerysaver
        Thank You Danny
        Jun 9, 2014
    13. amylynn829

      I have been trying over two weeks to get a response from someone regarding my order #20752 for REAR BUMPER PROTECTOR FOR 2012-2014 TOYOTA PRIUS PLUG-IN- OEM (00016-47040-P). I have a 2014 PIP but the item I received has the description of 2010 Prius. The SKU is similar to item I ordered except that the "P" is missing from the end. I do not want to install the item without confirmation that it is correct.
      1. menjo likes this.
      2. Danny
        I'm sorry, we sent you an email, but it sounds like it didn't make it to you.

        The "P" is just an internal designation for our shop software because we can't have 2 products with the same SKU. Both the standard Prius and the PiP use the same Bumper Protector. My apologies for the confusion and the delay in our reply.
        Jun 2, 2014
    14. CaliforniaBear
      I really would like to know when there will be information about the technical presentations at to go before.
    15. The Electric Me
      The Electric Me
      Is there some way to improve the PM feature?
      I did not use it a lot, but in the past if a specific exchange within a thread started to border on hijacking the thread, at least you could easily PM the person and take the conversation out of that venue. I'm not exactly sure what the equivalent to that action is within this new format.
      1. Danny
        I'm not sure how to make it any easier. I think it's easier than on the old software. It's just called "Start a Conversation" now.
        Apr 12, 2013
    16. ukr2
      Dan, Did you get my message that selecting Post New Thread doesn't display a Message Box?
    17. Guill
      Danny, I posted a thread titled, "2013 Toyota Prius V, Hybrid Wagon Ultimate Guide" I think the link contained in this thread is a great reference for the v ... would ask that you consider making it a sticky.
    18. sleeka
      Have left many emails and messages on the contact page but no reply. I have lodged 2 x orders for Prius C heatshields on 5th Feb - credit card has been charged but no response. Requested sending to a US address for your ease.
      Have even tried phoning the shop but cannot get through.
      Please advise or even pm me a direct phone no so I can call to discuss.
      John L.
    19. berkley
      my navigation system in the '05 was an easter egg and simple but my 2007!!! what's the best/easiest way to be able to use nav. while driving?
      we use to have allot of links, video, photos, etc on how to do this...where'd they go??
      thanks for your help.....
    20. Econ
      Hey Danny, Please get a new profile pic . Your likeness is that of the Theater Killer. I 'm sure you have something on file that would be a better choice.
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    Nov 12, 1979 (Age: 43)
    Home Page:
    Charlotte, NC
    Running PriusChat & the PriusChat Shop
    2013 Prius Plug-in
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    My name is Danny Cooper and I am the founder of PriusChat. I am married with an awesome dog, Indy, a beautiful toddler, Stella, and a gorgeous baby Juna.

    Computers, Internet, Cars, Hybrids, Sports


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