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    1. cwaynedavis
      If you haven't seen my latest post, the dealer finally fixed the nav dvd issue. New nav unit took care of it. They opened a file with Toyota on it. Apparently only a few 2010 Prius are having this issue (even though the same nav unit is used in other Toy/Lex models). It was a pain but ended up with v10 software and a new Nav system, and no more annoying noise. If you turn off the radio, go into EV mode, turn off the heat/ac system, it's very obvious if you have the problem. My other thought was NavTraffic updates might be bombarding the system with data, but the new unit is quiet as a mouse, and this post will be the end of a 3 month new car project. Good luck, and hope you let Toyota know it's an issue on a few, as the "guru's" on Prius Chat don't know what I'm talking about.
    2. dsviv
      Mark: I am so caught up in daily life that I just stumbled across this post. My bad.

      I have grown to appreciate the lighter color during the hotter months, but still would have preferred a darker interior.

      I have managed to keep most of the surfaces clean, but the one area that I have still having trouble is the blue staining on the leather from where I slide in and out of the drivers seat. The other seats haven't been a problem mostly b/c I am in the car alone most of the time. I haven't found anything that completely removes the stains.

      I have owned the car just over a year and LOVE everything about it.

      Are you a prii owner? What year and model?
    3. DanceFam
      Hi dsviv: Please see my post in response to your concern about misty gray interior. How are you liking your car now that you've had it a few months? Mark
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