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Grass Valley, CA.
Land Manager at a Land Trust


Protecting Habitat & AG Lands, Male, from Grass Valley, CA.

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    1. kalome
      Hi F8L
      I'm a little confused. I was looking at your Fuelly page and I see that this same car is retired. It looks like you got your 2012 in March, then retired it in June and started over again.
      Why did you retire and start over again 3 months after you bought your 12?
      1. F8L
        I was doing a lot of testing during the first couple months and it didn't really reflect my normal driving so after a suggestion by friends on PC, I retired that car and started a new fuelly to reflect normal driving.
        Aug 21, 2012
    2. Rebound
      Dude, you are just way cool. Your only problem is that you need to stay out of hospitals. Hope that cut on your eye is better.
      1. F8L likes this.
    3. Codyroo
      Hey! Nice job on your recent tank (59 mpg). With the warmer weather, it's going to get better still!
    4. srbeyer12
      I saw a post where you helped someone out that had a problem after installing an aftermarket stereo. I posted this today:

      I'm thinking some wiring must of gotten messed up during the install. I installed a pioneer AVH-P4400BH and will be opening it back up on Friday to try and install wiring for the steering wheel controls as it didn't work the first time and the company is sending a new set.

      Do you have suggestions of cabling that could be causing the car to think it is still running?
    5. ChipL
      Saw your Fuelly stats, what was up with the 23mpgs?
    6. maoira
      How's the new Prius? Did you trade in your old one?
    7. SoCalBPrius
      Hi F8L. Congrats on your soon to be new prius ; )
    8. Greekss
      uh oh look who joined up....
    9. F8L
      Thanks, Sidecar. I have a bunch of their pdf. sheets but they tend to get lost in the shuffle. :)
    10. sidecar
    11. leosibbi
      wana be your friend from London...
    12. hill
      That's it! Hey I bet they're good eat'n !!
      Thanks for the link .. they sure look out of place here down here in south O.C. ... that's for certain. There are a couple different types of cranes too, that someone must have relocated here ... but I haven't had the camera w/ me. It's all part of the reason I call our Lake Forrest city, "Fake Forrest". Hey - hope you're feeling great. BTW, I'm going to wuss out October 9th and opt to test drive the Leaf at the O.C. event on the same date. Say hi to the gang for me!
    13. Laird Banks
      Laird Banks
      Sorry, didn't know about the rules of engagement. Please excuse this once.
    14. hill
      Hi guy!
      Long time no talkie ~
      Here's one I've been meaning to ask you know for a couple years. We have some strange transplants on our man-made lake, like like this guy ... who LOVES to doo-doo on our boat cover. I got this close up last Christmas:


      If you know . . . . what the heck IS this thing? Local to CA? Sure don't see any other down here in So Cal. You've GOT to know more about birds than I do. There's a few other frankinbirds around here too ... but I've never had the telephoto up and ready. Maybe later.

    15. acz
      Hello, here is a query from another Sacramento prius owner. We have a 2003 and a 2005 model, which historically got their oil changes at the Toyota dealer on Florin Road. Of course there has been very little service needed on these highly reliable cars, although the rack-and-pinion was replaced (under warranty) on the 2003 last year to cure a steering squeak. Now that the dealer has moved their service operation out to Elk Grove, I would like to find a good honest mechanic who is more local - closer to East Sacramento. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!
    16. F8L
      What kind of meter was it and where was the mic placement? All of these things make a HUGE difference. PLacing a cheap mic with improper adjustments into the corner of a windshield can produce some high numbers while using a proper Audio Control RTA and proper mic placement would yeild MUCH lower numbers. :) Again, I'm not saying that car didn't hit those numbers but it is HIGHLY unlikely he would hit even 136db using proper equipment, mic placement and with windows rolled up and no "burping" of the car. In otherwords without controls placed on equipment type and mic placement there is no real way to compare decible levels from car to car.

      Autosound Analyzers

      [ame=http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7912402111830974450]The AudioControl SA-3055 RTA/SPL meter in a www.talkaudio.co.uk New Year greeting[/ame]#
    17. Jackell770
      I took a meter to it today, it was 142db (Sorry for the bad info) Now I need to meter mine.
    18. F8L
      I highly doubt it was putting out 160db. Seriously, 160db is damagaing to one's body and most of the cars that can actually hit 160db via IASCA standards are specially built to reduce body/glass flex. :) I'm not saying you're lying mate, just whoever told you it hit 160db with just 2 regular old 12s is on crack. lol It usually takes something on the order or 10 12" subs and 10,000watts depending on the car.

      It took 8- 18" subs to accomplish that in this Tahoe.
      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVobtkB3H7A]YouTube - First 2 Victims 160db System Escalade 8 18's 2 RF T15k amps[/ame]
    19. Jackell770
      haha, I was riding in an old Grand national yesterday with two power bass s-12. even though they were almost entry level they put out roughly 150db. It was enough that I couldn't see straight. I think am going to put those in my car with another set of tweeters, so much for my straight Rockford DNA. :)
    20. Jackell770
      I was wondering, how many decibels does your sound system produce?
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