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Grass Valley, CA.
Land Manager at a Land Trust


Protecting Habitat & AG Lands, Male, from Grass Valley, CA.

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    1. bighouse
      I appreciate your threads- don't let those who are motivated by a prejudicial and absurd political view wear you down. Facts will win. Or course, we may all be dead by then, but facts and truth will win!
    2. Rybold
      It's awesome to hear what you and nerfer are involved in. I hike and enjoy nature almost every weekend. I love nature. I'm interested in getting involved. Let me know if you can guide me to some good websites (I will check out local wilderness websites, but I'm only looking for one-day-a-week weekend volunteering). I've helped plant natural vegetation before but they only have those days once or twice a year for the public. I've taken a lot of biology courses being that I have a degree in biochem, so I understand nature relatively well, but I'm sure a biologist knows much more than me (don't underestimate my knowledge of ecosystems though). Anyhow, please reply and inspire me. Thanks! :)
    3. philobeddoe
      thanks man, i really appreciate you saying so :thumb:
      i'm up in SF and Sacto from time to time, i'll give you a heads up if you'd like
    4. windstrings
      Here are those links I talked to you about as I was leaving.

      Electric Green Auto: The EGA Electric Vehicle Series - Think Green...Drive Green...Save Green!
      Green Vehicles of Texas, LLC
    5. Rae Vynn
      Rae Vynn
      Welcome back!! :)
    6. usbseawolf2000
      What's up! Haven't seen you for months! What's happening?
    7. usbseawolf2000
      How are you doing with the Nokian i3s?
    8. nerfer
      Oh yeah. I also keep track of bluebird boxes as part of my monitoring duties for the local forest preserve district and our prairie group (Citizens for Conservation, a smallish local group, they own about 350 acres and helped the county acquire much more). Recently went to Yellowstone and was intrigued by the variety of plants in the highlands. Many are similar to those in the Illinois tallgrass, but a smaller variety. They also have a different variety of bluebird.
    9. nerfer
      Thanks. I put that barn pic in my photo album, nice to have that feature back.
      I have the feeling if we ever got together we'd have a few things to talk about: land trusts and restoration (I'm involved with a prairie restoration group here), similar political/environmental viewpoints, the value of reasoned discussions, and of course the Prius.
    10. Bill Merchant
      Bill Merchant
      Good to have you as a friend too. I'm glad you're studying and involved. I just happened to notice him/them signing up and going straight to that thread. The mods can see the IP people post from, so can determine if the posts come from the same source. But celicasupra was right, 2 posts by Joshh generated 22 replies. Hard to resist feeding the trolls.
    11. patsparks
      F8L, it is my pleasure to crack up people with minds and wits as sharp as you and the good people on PC. Who would have thought a car could bring together so may brilliant minds? Isn't a car forum supposed to be all full of dumb greasy guys saying "fully worked" and quoting 1/4 mile times at each other?

      I'm glad to have the privilege to be able to chat with people like you and many others on PC. I'm also glad the mods haven't booted me out yet. (When i was a lad a mod dressed in stove pipe pants, matching suit jacket and rode a Vespa with too many mirrors!)
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    Grass Valley, CA.
    Land Manager at a Land Trust
    Other Non-Hybrid
    I work to bridge gaps between opposing sides. We need to stop dividing and start working together

    Ecology, Biological Sciences, Biodiversity


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