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Mar 4, 2009 at 2:01 PM
Apr 23, 2008
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Chicago Suburbs
Immigration Officer


Dachshund Addict, from Chicago Suburbs

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Mar 4, 2009
    1. biggus
      PriusChat Forums - biggus's Album: Prius panorama in the west of Ireland - Picture
    2. biggus
      Yes absolutely but i'm not on this forum too often, i remember your comments on trying out smaller cars here in Ireland , which helped you decide in a Prius when you got back home.
      Wise decision. Check out my panorama Pic of Kerry and the Atlantic in the gallery !
    3. Ying
      Hello!!! I'm new and randomly stumbled across your profile! I have a black/tan doxie too! ^_^
    4. rrobin1057
      can't miss my prius i have the priuschat.com logo on back right side lol
    5. rrobin1057
      you can't miss me in my prius i have the priuschat.com on the back window and a yellow scooby doo infront window he got scared so he turn yellow and he's in a hybrid , plus i got the prius bug shield and it looks great and soon will get the bumper protector put on back bumper then i'm done fixing it up , then maybe update the speakers to MTX THUNDER speaker's maybe not sure yet.
    6. rrobin1057
      I might be selling my 2008 Prius for $30,000
    7. rrobin1057
      i got my window's done at 5% limo and vent shade's by weather tech all done at CarSmart www.becarsmart.com
    8. rrobin1057
      the tank has been sold yes ! / now have a microwave stand for sale $30.00 if you know any one , i'm on Facebook and craigslist.com
    9. rrobin1057
      ? if you know anyone that is looking for a 125 Gallon Fish Tank with Oak Stand For Sale ! asking $600 , everything goes the lowest will go is $500 call 708-259-5987 ask for Robert or e-mail at [email protected] / I have 2 pic's on here of the tank buyers must move them self and only will take cash / I had back surgery and don't have the time for it now and it is empty and ready to go , pump's , filter, rocks, plastic plants ,lights,glass lids,
    10. rrobin1057
      how did your prius run the last 2 very cold days in IL on 1/16/09 trying to get pass 60mph on I-80 highway it seems that the car wanted not to speed up like if some gas was frozen ? could you put HEAT into gas tank on a prius even the tank is a bag or bladder inside of a tank , but when temp went up and try to go 60mph it was working fine hmm/ oh I'm going to get my tint doone in Frankfort,IL at carsmart on back windows at 5% and top of front winshield and leave front doors the way they are cause of IL state law. /
    11. rrobin1057
      so did you check it out the 2010 prius it has a soloar panle on roof but no back up cam just a back up montior and it is shorter then ours
    12. theegg
      Check out the pics of my "babies". They were feeling photogenic the other day!
    13. Freedom
      As you can see from the earlier message, I am a Bichon Frise lady, he hee. I volunteer with a bichon rescue. I don't foster anymore; I kept falling in love and adopting my foster dogs! Same problem with the cats.

      I have a Barcelone Red Prius on order, and wehn I saw this on ebay, I ordered it as well. Appropriate, don't cha think?

    14. Freedom
      My Family:

    15. ctbering
      Love your Hot Dogs Michelle. I gave up the kind that clog your heart but my Bernese Mountain Dog loves being led by them, literally anywhere. She likes the Yorkies too..the smaller the more fun for her to follow. Her Yorkie boyfriend has a little trouble expressing his affection with her but he keeps trying.
    16. sorthund
      I put a picture on my CP...
    17. sorthund
      Hey Michelle,
      Love your line.. it's only a dog if it isn't a Dachshund.... that's what I say about my
      Doberman, lol.

    18. judymcfarland
      Hi Michelle,
      I wish I could say that I thought up that name, but it was my favorite of the ones suggested. Looking forward to meeting you at Hybridfest.
    19. freshmtt
      Thats ironic, you have my 1st color choice and I have your 1st color choice, wanna trade??? just kidding....
    20. MsDaisy
      Don't hate me because I'm beautiful! Actually, the Driftwood Pearl probably would have been my first color choice if this were a normal car-buying world right now. But I'm happy with the SPM, especially since I've only had a 2 week wait.
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    Chicago Suburbs
    Immigration Officer
    2008 Prius


    Michelle :car:
    08 Driftwood Pearl Prius named her "Sandy"
    Package #2
    I don't have Dogs, I have DACHSHUNDS!!
    Save the Earth, It's the only planet with Dachshunds!!
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