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    1. gail54
      Wondered how your new prius is doing?! I am very happy I made the decision to buy considering all the concerns ---- never had a hybrid and drove from mass to ri yesterday and just loving the 50 miles to a gallon. Can't beat it. Did you purchase an extended warranty?
    2. gail54
      Well I did it --- spent all day ---- in that great little storm --- tried to replicate the brake problem with a mechanic at my side and couldn't do it --- it handled great in the terrible weather conditions --ended up purchasing in Nashua New Hampshire --I love it --- ended up with prius iv w solar ---silver. Happy New Year!
    3. gail54
      thanks --- did you happen to go to the www.nhtsa .dot.gov website. --- the complaints are coming in. I hope you don't have the problem with yours! I'm calling the nhtsa now to find out more.
    4. gail54
      thank you - good to know about the reviews - something i have thought also right along. take care - i'll let you know when its done!
    5. gail54
      As its getting closer to the day of buying - i'm reading more and more about problems with braking.... I wondered if you have noticed any problems with the braking in your new Prius? thank you!
    6. gail54
      Your welcome!
      I'll look forward to seeing your pictures when you post. I agree with you about the silver - I do love that blue though --- this one is going to be a keeper car for me for a long time --- I used to trade every 2 to 3 years --it might be fun to clean the blue alot for a little while but I think it would get old after a while for me---yes the way the winter gray reflects light is really nice. I'll have to check out the Zaino products - thank you for that tip. I believe I am going to buy Thursday - last day of the month! Maybe at the Acton dealer I believe I told you about. I'm in Newburyport - I have family in Providence ---so that's where I add up some mileag. Enjoy your day.
    7. gail54
      I believe yours was a very smart purchase! I just can't stay away from the sunroof-must be from being deprived of sun here in new england! I will post pics-hoping to walk into dealer by 12-31---although here I go swaying on the color - I'm back to silver instead of blue ---during our nasty weather I saw too many dark blue dirty --and there went the old silver cars almost looking like they had been washed --I love the winter gray also-how are you finding that colors appearance with our snowy weather? - the only color I have not seen is the sandy beach. Enjoy your day
    8. cheeper
      Thanks for thanking me! :) I hesitated to post; figured someone would tell me how stupid I was.
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