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    1. rquiri
      Hi Jelloslug, hey someone in one of the threads suggested you might be able to answer these questions. i'm replacing the A/C compressor in an '08, and need a couple of answers. I've purchased the ND-11 oil (might as well be pure gold)...

      I've read thru most of the threads regarding a complete recharge, however, I've been unable to locate answers to these questions:

      1. How do you bypass the pressure sensor to engage the pump when adding refrigerant?

      2. How do you add the oil to the pump after new replacement is installed? Looks like it's something of a guess to know how much you need. I'm assuming you just pour it in one of the tubes & don't let it leak out? It only takes a few ounces in the pump...

      3. If I take off the hoses at the pump, will all of the ND-11 oil in the system be drained out, or is there still some remaining,i.e. in the dryer, etc?

      Thanks!, ron 503-260-2302
      Thanks for any info you can provide!
    2. albob
      Can you send me a link to the Lexus horn you purchased?
    3. izza2me
      are you there?
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