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Jan 6, 2004
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Prius Guru, Male, from Minnesota

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    1. martyn_uk
      Hello John, are you still maintaining the owners pages on your site? I would like to update mine.
    2. Kweksma
      Hello John,

      I read your personal Logs regularly, and like your obeservations on the Volt. Are you aware that the Volt is a 4 person car? No way you can use it as a family car.

      I was completly flabbergasted when i saw the below picture. How safe is that when the car gets trashed from the side? No room for your body to move......

      2011 Chevrolet Volt back seat

    3. dougl
      Hi John,
      on you Prius Log page( 1-30-2007 ) you said you got P3101/P3191 codes and subcode P0300 and Toyota applied TSB EG011-03. My dealer will not since that TSB states subcode P0205 must accompany the other codes. Any ideas what I should do?

      I told them how for the first 4 years they did the oil changes and I had to constantly remove .5 qts but the service writer looked at me as if I was joking. They billed me $115 for looking at the codes and looking down the throttle body and told me they'd remove and clean the intake manifold for about $250 and that there was no TSB to cover those codes. I know they extended that TSB to 10yr / 120K so it should still apply to my car til Nov 3 when it will be 10 years old.

      Any help would be appreciated.

    4. mdpriusowner
      Hi John,
      I'm new here, but am looking for a trunk mount bike carrier for my 2008 Prius. It sounds like everyone here likes the Saris Bones, but when I spoke with Saris they told me that they don't think it's compatible because the straps "Can, and likely will, damage the spoiler". Have you experienced this?
    5. Trieu's_2010_Prius
      John, it's me. I picked up my 2010 Prius III in Blizzard Pearl with Navigation after your demo ride on Wednesday. Thanks because I would have just gotten the basic version (Prius II). I'll show you what I got next week at work. J Nguyen.
    6. That_Prius_Car
      Hey John, I was on your site and the video files for the commercials are way too small. I though for sure that it was my computer messing it up and not playing the file, but it must be something on your end. (:
      Is there any way you can fix it so we can all see your videos?
      - Austin.
    7. AbuS3ood
      Hi John, thanks for your excellent DIY manuals for oil change and filter change
      i hope you post a manual for GEN II front brake pads replacemnt, it would be helpful for most of owners.
      thanks in forward.
    8. bjustin
      Hi John,

      Was wondering if you could offer advice. Our 2002 Prius has a violent steering rack shudder triggered only when turning the wheel at slow speeds. The dealer says it needs to be replaced.

      I read a post where you said if this is left alone for a while it sometimes resolves itself. We've had the shudder for 2 weeks, with no noticeable improvement or change.

      my girlfriend is wondering if it's safe to drive. I'd love to put it off and see if it "heals." Your feedback would be great!

      p.s. i was born in St. Cloud, MN
    9. EWRoberts
      John. Thanks for the website. I started computer stuff in 1973, when we got a teletype room in my middle school. It was timesharing on an IBM 360. At 110 baud.

      I have let the hybrid technology mature, and just got a 2010 prius II, plain and good.

      Thank you for the oil change tutorial. I have a fear of letting anyone touch my machines. I did the initial oil change myself, and you helped. Eric.
    10. Holmesman

      While I was searching for my Prius, I was reading your website daily. It's a wealth of great information. I love all the pictures and data. I learned a lot!
    11. KJF
      Do you leave your Yakima rack on all the time or take it off when not in use? Do you see any paint/finish problems where the four towers meet the paint?
    12. KJF
      Do you leave your Yakima rack on all the time or take it off when not in use? Do you see any paint/finish problems where the 4 stands meet the paint?
    13. prius2x
    14. DianneWhitmire
      Hi John!
      I have a question for you... I know you like Star Trek - any love for Scott Bakula?
    15. dbosch
      John, Couldn't help but notice your Prius is carrying a kayak? Do you have an aftermarket roof rack? What is it and how do you like it?
    16. eldiee
      John, I have been enjoying your website since last fall. My wife and I bought a silver prius last spring. I have learned so much from your site snd Priuschat about the Prius. I am ready to trade our 2005 for a 2010. I have noticed for several weeks you haven't been updating your web site. I hope it is not due to some health concern. I am registered under name of eldiee on Priuschat. I live downriver from you north of the Quadcities near LeClaire, IA. Thanks again for you efforts on educating people on the Prius, Eldon
    17. margo
      I am a new prius owner who cannot get over 39MPG - well about 4 times we got up to 43mpg on a long trip. I brought it back to the dealer, who told me the low mileage is normal for some Prius cars - it's the luck of the draw. Given what I have seen on this forum, I am beginning to wonder if the problem is with the choice of dealers - very young, very indifferent - not much investment in figuring out my concern. We have had this car for 3 months with 5000 milies - time for service. Do you think our low mileage can logically be linked to the luck of the draw?
    18. bturner425
      I need new tires for my 2001 Classic Prius. I have read your website and decided I like the Goodyear Allegra. I went to Sam's Club and they only carry the 185/75/14. They won't install them since they are not the same size as is on the car. So, I am planning on buying them myself and having them installed at my local garage. Do you still recommend these tires? And will the 185 size be OK? The 175 is no longer available. I am tired of only getting 20,000 mile from the Dunlop SP10s. Thanks in advance for your opinion.
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