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Dec 18, 2003
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    1. Stormz
      Hi Ken, are you still around? I'd like to know if you could source the repair/parts manual for the 2001 - 2005 Estima Hybrid please? My local mechanic says it's impossible to get parts for it here in Australia (even though it is the same body as the Tarago).
    2. Felice
      Dear Ken, sorry to bother you but I have a technical question. I replaced the multimedia system of my Gen3 with an android system. It works fine but I'm still working on is the connection of the oem rear camera. I need to find two power sources:
      - 12V that activates ONLY when reverse gear is engaged
      - 6V or 6,5V to make the camera work (I found 5,8V but it's not enough)
      Thank you for your advice!
    3. engerysaver
      Ken; Were missing you on PRIUSchat!!
    4. Hybreed
      Dear Ken,

      thanks to your advice that "Japanese prius has no language change feature" since I was trying hard to do that!.... so I thought of interchanging the MFD with a USA made one... so I need to know whether it will be compatible that way..? (please see my thread)
      "English MFD on Japanese Prius"

      Or have you heard about someone who have done this before? any advise, I am so thank full to you...

      thank you
      from Sri Lanka
    5. cwa
      Hi Ken,

      My name is Clement Adams. I bought Supermid in 2007 (May be first in our country)

      I got Japanese Prius 2007 in last January and I want to connect Supermid to Prius. Will you be able to give some guidence?

      Also are there any US scanners (scanguage/ultraguage) which work with Prius 2007 (JDM)?


    6. tf4624
      ok i guess you disabled getting private messages, wish you would turn that on

      wodering about PriusChat Forums - ken1784's Album: mod - Picture

      and where to get it and or what you build your self
    7. bagwell
      Ken, since you are in Japan, any chance you could look around for the Tommy Kaira illuminated emblem for the Gen III? As you may or may not know, Sigma has them for a crazy $299 USD; RHDJAPAN has them for about $224 USD.

      any help would be appricated.

    8. pEEf
      Hi Ken!

      I read all of Prius CAN Monitor, I've already made a basic CAN logging program for Linux, but I saw that you and others have already made more capable software with graphics. I would love to participate in this effort, as I just recently acquired access to a TechStream Scanner that can issue "dealer only" functions that may be useful for CAN hacking. Would you be willing to share the software you guys have been working on? I will be happy to share changes and what I learn about the TechStream also.

      I'm building a 3-way (in the middle) CAN sniffer so we can watch individual devices (like TechStream). I'm using Silicon Labs 8051 based Microcontrollers with CAN 2.0b built-in: SiLabs. So I'm trying to learn as much as I can so we can gather more useful info.

    9. ken1784
      Hello Robert,
      I saw your visitor messages, but I could not find any of your activity on PriusChat.
      You just joined here a few days ago and you have not posted any comments yet.
      I would like to see your activity on forums.

      Anyway, since you're a programmer, you'll be able to write your own software referring to following site.
      The new 2004 Toyota Prius : My CAN Project
      The new 2004 Toyota Prius : My CAN Project

    10. Robert 2007
      Robert 2007
      I am also "curious" if it is possible to invoke the car to pulse in and out of a neutral drive mode. I have found that I can greatly enhance the MPG by manually putting the car into neutral. Being that there is no exchange of kinetic energy neutral is the most efficient in curtain conditions. I will not be attempting to perform this unless I am curtain it is safe.
      Disregard... I just read some info on this and I think I'm going to stay in "D" from now on. Its not worth the risk of damage to the car.

      My email is RobertWaite77 at gmail dot com
      the Email format above is to keep the Spider Bots from picking up the address.

      Thanks in advance!!!
      PS I tried to PM but could not for some reason. I had one other thing I wanted to share in private.
    11. Robert 2007
      Robert 2007
      Before I get too deep I would like to use the software that you have been using. I would also be forever grateful if you were able to provide source code in addition to any useful reference material that my assist me in the project. If you are inclined I will most certainly share any code that I come up with.
      To be continued...
    12. Robert 2007
      Robert 2007
      Hello Ken,
      I’ve been following a few threads on the subject of reading CAN information and I would like to set forth on setting up something for my 2007 Prius with the goal of charging on solar power. I am a .NET developer and I wish to write my own UI and methods to automatically invoke EV mode upon curtain conditions. I will also be wiring in a accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope as well as system to monitor the conditions of my auxiliary battery pack.
      To be continued...
    13. ken1784
      The picture came from pressroom.toyota.com, therefore it is copyrighted by Toyota.
      Newsroom : Image Library / Toyota
    14. esoniat
      In your response to "Does the 2010 drive system work backwards?" is the picture you posted copy right protected. I was thinking of adding it to the Wikipedia for the synergy drive. They only show the chain drive setup.

    15. rdalemercer
      Aka Yoshi san (I hope this is correct?), I am back from my trip to TMC. I was able to visit the Honsha, Takaoka, Kyushu and Tsutusmi plants - I am sure that you know what is produced there. Anyway, it's too bad that we were not able to connect before I got there as I had a free weekend and it would have been nice to meet you in person and discuss the Prius.
    16. rdalemercer
      Ken san, Kon nichi wa! I am travelling to Japan during the week on 5/24 to the Nagoya area. I have just ordered a G3 IV and was wondering if there are any (performance or appearance) accessories - in your opinion & experience - that I can only get in Japan that I should try to buy while I am there? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

      Do mo arigatoo gozaimasu!
    17. jps000
      Ken. I posted a Fuel Economy Reference Aid on Priuschat. I mentioned that going to 8 green bars leads to fuel consumption when the energy is throw off as a result. Someone disagreed with this. I picked up the fuel consumption part in one of your posts (I think you said 1 cc is used). What are your current opinions. Thank you Yann (New Haven USA)
    18. gazz
      Thanks for your help

      Gary UK
    19. JimTheEngr

      Thank you for all the work you've been doing on the Prius data system. Please send me the software for the data logging system. I have a 2008 Prius and I would like to learn more about the car's operation.

      I haven't purchased the CAN hardware yet - are there specific devices required to make the software work?


      - Jim Garrity
      [email protected]
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