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Jun 7, 2010
    1. fixitguy
      Please tell your group about the Mini Scanner Offer. Yes its the Graham Davies one. GEN1 2001-2003 You can see it here
      Prius Mini Scanner.

      thanks, DON WAGLER [fixitguy]
    2. acwixx
      Hi Lauren,

      We live in Redmond/Bellevue area and just purchased a 2010 & a 2011 Prius. We would like to join the group. Can you tell me how we go about doing that?

      Thank you,

    3. waltwin
      Hello Lauren.
      I live in the Bremerton area and I just purchased a 2010 Prius. I would like to join the group. How do I do that?

    4. a priori
      a priori
      Congrats, Lauren. I'm glad you are so pleased with your car from the very start. You'll need to post pictures of your car in happy places! Just FYI: For some reason (it may simply be psychological!) there seems to be an MPG let down around 1,000 or 1,500 miles, so don't be worried if your once-great numbers start to slide. Also, your first tire rotation will cause quite a skid! Please tell me you are tracking your car's FE performance from the get-go. If not, I'll send you a spreadsheet that may help. (My spreadsheet has a lot of stuff going on so that I can track a number of variables over time. I also separately track "City" v "Highway" mileage.)
    5. gremlinperson
      Thanks for your comment about my green prius excitement photo. Actually I just saw that you had posted when I went to the User CP to change my photo. :-) I think I will leave my newbie photo for a little while longer.
    6. Martin37
      I don't have a clue how to post photos!!! Doing some research.
    7. CAR4TWO
      Hi Lauren:

      I did hear from Del Curry today with good news. He gave me the Vin number of my Prius and a date certain of Friday June 19th my wifes birthday of all things. Mine is the 12,758th 2010 Prius built. Do you have a Vin number yet? If so, the number after 50 is your build number in the series. So lets cross our fingers that we will both be driving a new Prius in ONE WEEK! Isn't that a kick or what?

      I think our ship Nippon Highway will arrive on Wednesday. If you live in the Portland area, you could have your car as soon as Thursday.

      Cross your fingers!

      Dan in Grants Pass, OR
    8. a priori
      a priori
      Hi Lauren! My message to you is too long, so I've sent it as a PM (private message).
    9. Varko
      Yes, you get the picture. :-)

      It is a film that covers the hood, bumper, and sometimes other areas that are commonly hit by rocks/road debris. It protects the paint from scratching and chipping. I have it on my 2005. It works well. The Prius' shape does not deflect objects well - it does not create a wall of air in front of it to push rocks, etc. out of the way. They now put the film in the door handle cups. My old one has a suprising number of scratches there, even though I never have to use the key.

      If you are interested, shop around. You may get a better price than the dealer can offer. Get references to make sure the work is quality.
    10. Varko
      Sorry, I had to run errands. No pics yet. As I said it is sitting in my driveway waiting for 3M chip protection. It is covered in pollen, so I haven't taken any pics. I thought the dealership would call for the 3M appointment earlier in the week, but I had to call them, yesterday. So it sits.

      I like the added power, but I really haven't had a chance to 'get to know it' much yet. I have thoroughly read the manual (about 600 pages!). And I go to the window and just look at it sometimes. After Tuesday it should be ready to go.
    11. Varko
      The dealership had a second sticker for some misc. stuff (mostly dealer services) we were able to get that taken off, so paid Toyota's MSRP. My husband did call around to some other dealerships - often they had a second sticker with dealer 'fluff' (as he called it). Back in 2005 dealership were tacking on $1000-4000 'high demand fee.' Basically, what the market will bare. We paid MSRP then, by going to a dealership away from the big city up in Skagit county.
    12. Varko
      We weren't even sure if we were going to 2010, perhaps wait for them to get the kinks out of the new generation, but after test driving one it was a large improvement over a 2005. We figured that our old one was just going to keep going down in resale value, so now is the time to upgrade.

      We were lucky. After looking at the options (and $$$) we decided that simpler is better for us. After letting the dealership know what we wanted they said they had one coming in within the week. It actually showed up on the truck the evening we went to put a deposit on it. Picked it up the next day. Unfortunately, it has been sitting in the driveway since then waiting for the 3M chip protection film to be installed.
    13. Varko
      Which one have you ordered?
    14. Rae Vynn
      Rae Vynn
      Thank you for the nice note!
      We aren't going anywhere particularly warm... just a 5-day coastal RT from Vancouver, B.C. -- but it will be nice to get away for a few days and pretend that we are royalty! :)
    15. eglmainz
      When you say that you are older, do you mean that you crossed above into an 'older' rating category, or that you are older than me? I am 37, married, and should be in the lowest rating class. Then again, for full coverage in our '05 Taurus, I am only paying 320 for 6 months, which seems like a bargain. At that rate, 370 for 6 months is not a deal breaker, as I will be saving more in gas.
    16. lauren80ryan
      I am not even on a wait list so you are one step ahead of me!!
      My town is pretty small and I don't think WA gets as many as other states. But they are being nice and telling me they will call around to get me on a list if they aren't given one once pricing comes out. So I wait patiently (or not so much) until then.
      I love your dog picture by the way! Such a cutie!!
    17. fredthepostman
      Thanks for asking me to be a friend. More and more I am feeling like a member of the Prius family. The most important thing for me now is to actually own a Prius. I am first on a waiting list but I have a feeling I will have to wait to get the exact one that I want. Anyway thanks for the invite and hope you find your perfect Prius also.
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    An object in possession seldom retains the same charm as one in pursuit. (unless it is a prius)
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