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    1. oldseagull
      Good evening, Sharon
      I suppose I don't have time to follow Prius Chat ~ but today, when I received an email from my salesman at Casey Auto Group, it inspired me to look again, and that's when I found your message about the taxes and $$ change. You said yourself that something seemed wrong at initial time of purchase, but if they are off the mark that you had set as fair, I would fight them tooth-and-nail. Period.

      And, good luck!

      I'm going to share with you what my salesman had to say today in an email - but first, let me tell you, Carol still loves her Seaside Pearl and she has received many compliments on the color. ME? I like package #6 with navigation, bluetooth phone built-in, etc - gave my Tom-Tom to daughter in Marietta and hope to "trade up" to new Prius before the built-in NAV system becomes obsolete. Here's my salesman, Ron's note:


      Just wanted to say hello. Hope everyone is in good health and good spirits. Im sure you're enjoying the Prius. I have a pkg. 6 delivery today and I thought about you guys. We did some "shopping" of other dealers in the region and found that some dealers are selling their new priuses 5000.00 over msrp. We asked ourselves how they could do that, but when we looked at the prices for pre-owned Priuses, we found that they were consistently selling for 26-28k even for a pkg 2 which sells new for 24,309 . We bought two last week from people who basically drove them for 2 years and lost nothing. How strange is that? It's almost like real estate. Anyway, just wanted to give you a holler. Im going to CA next month to see my daughter for her b-day. I've never been to CA before so Im excited. Carlsbad is where she lives, 20 min walk to Pacific Ocean-literally. I got a good price on the ticket but they want to charge me extra for luggage so I might be shorts and t-shirts the whole time. I might even wear a couple of layers of clothes ON the plane. Take care, guys.

      Well, Take care and Enjoy Living!

      You can always reach us directly at [email protected]

      John Carroll
    2. kawaii
      John, Sorry I did not respond to your message. Like you, I'm new to the format of priuschat. Yes, I did receive my Seaside Pearl on June 5th and love it. Yes, I'm just a normal 61 year old female citizen in Jasper, GA, north of Marietta - about 45 minutes north. I'm married and work as a Para-Pro in Special Education at an elementary school. I do have a question for you. When I picked up my Prius, the salesman went over all of the financials with me in his office. He then took me into the Finance Manager's office and left. When the Finance Manager gave me the Sales Agreement, the bottom line was less than I expected. I said, "This is not right". He said it was. Now, he's contacting me wanting $740 more as the computer did not figure the taxes correctly. What do you think of this situation?

    3. oldseagull
      Hi again,
      kawaii, I just found your visitor's message (still new to the format of priuschat) and to answer your question, she likes the color and I have come to appreciate it - that is Seaside Pearl with grey interior.
    4. kawaii
      I just wondered how your wife likes the Seaside Pearl? I was on the waiting list for Silver Pine Mica or White, but a Seaside Pearl is arriving June 10th and it's mine, if I want. Just wondered if she's enjoying the color?
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    2008 Prius Seaside Pearl w/Grey Interior Pkg#6
    My wife picked the blue color, I got the rest :)
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