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Paige - what link is that? Dec 15, 2015

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    1. longtimetoyota917
      Patrick sorry to bother you, a problem came up on my 2007 prius in this thread: and ended with a: P0AA6 code, well (i think) i should have the hv cells tested by someone reputable, bad ones changed and the battery balancecharged after. I was curious if you knew a shop who can work with me on a budget here in Los Angeles.
      1. Patrick Wong
        Patrick Wong
        I do not have personal experience with any independents in southern CA. Good luck with your choice.
        Sep 19, 2016
      2. longtimetoyota917
        Thank you. If you can check my thread to see if u have any other suggestions then what has been offered Id appreciate it- you definitely seem like the go-to guru for this site. Thanks again for the help.
        Sep 20, 2016
    2. Patrick Wong
      Patrick Wong
      Paige - what link is that?
    3. Paige
      Ok, can I write you here? I just checked your engine coolant link and it took me to a website for a LandRover coolant guage.
    4. Patrick Wong
      Patrick Wong
      P3130: check the inverter coolant pump which probably is not working. P0303: check for misfire in cyl 3
    5. 131
      The warning lights went off again in 2003 Prius. O'Reilly's, found codes P3130 & P0303. One code states misfiring on all cylinders and no info on other code. Dealership won't give any information about codes.
      Just got an oil change @ dealership about two weeks ago; they didn't notice any problems.
      I have a little over 130k miles. Thanks.
    6. tigerpilot
      '09 Had coolant valve replaced under recall 20K miles ago. Now throwing code again. Going to replace valve myself. Is there a way to NOT have to drain coolant. Maybe pinching off the hoses. I have a cable hose clamp pliers.
      Thanks, Don [email protected]
      1. Patrick Wong
        Patrick Wong
        Before you replace the valve, make sure there is no air in the system, which might cause the DTC . Yes, you could pinch off hoses.
        Jun 27, 2015
    7. Caleb302105
      Hi Patrick,
      I have a 2006 Prius that I suspect may have an A/C problem. You have given me some great suggestions in the past when it came to the coolant heat storage valve. I was hoping that you could take a look at my original post here on PRIUSchat and tell me if perhaps you have any ideas. Here's the link. Thank you for your help.
    8. ls40095
      Ok thanks
    9. Patrick Wong
      Patrick Wong
      I believe it is necessary to remove the inverter first.
    10. ls40095
      I just got a call to sell a transaxle from my gen 2 parts car. Do I have to pull the inverter first or can I just unbolt the transaxle and the axles and pull it from the bottom? I sold the hybrid battery and ECUs last week so I do t see a problem with voltage. Thanks
    11. Patrick Wong
      Patrick Wong
      Hi Priscilla, thanks for your msg. Given your Phoenix location it would be inconvenient for either you or me, if I serviced your car.
    12. PriscillaPrius
    13. satwood
      Patrick, Can you repost the link to your thread that describes how to cycle the electric CHRS pump from the relay panel? I'm replacing the radiator in my 2007 and I can't find that tidbit I used the last time I changed the coolant. - Thanks Steve
    14. Patrick Wong
      Patrick Wong
      I haven't been able to get the generic function to work also.
    15. SWprius08
      I am new to mini vci. From the main page of techstream when I click on "Generic OBD II", the software tries to connect to the vehicle and then returns with an error "Techstream (S321-99), Cannot establish communication with ECU", other than this when I click on "Connect to Vehicle" directly to access live data it works ok. Is this Generic OBD II suppose to work? Do I have a faulty cable that I should get replaced?
    16. brokerdelete
      Weeping water pump. Replaced it, attempt to purge the air. Drive 150 miles, hear the sloshing in heater core again, overflow tank overflowing. Seems to continue to build pressure after ICE is shut down. No oil in water or visa versa. Gasses escaping into water jacket? Hose from neck to overflow tank, good and tight, no obstructions. Why would coolant NOT return from tank to radiator after ICE's off?
      1. Patrick Wong
        Patrick Wong
        1. Replace the radiator cap with the correct Toyota part.
        2. Purge the air out of the system again so the heater core is quiet and the cabin heater works.
        3. If you still have problems, seek professional help to inspect your cooling system and figure out what is going on. Good luck.
        Jan 6, 2015
    17. msfreeh
      Patrick I just created a new thread on my 2003 Prius re:
      replacing rear shock
      I cannot locate the two nuts holding the shock on from
      inside the vehicle.
      I have removed seats and black plastic ventilation.
      Cannot see the top of the shock.
      Can you help?
      1. Patrick Wong
        Patrick Wong
        You need to remove the trunk lining that covers the traction battery. When you can see the battery you also should be able to see the tops of the shock mount hardware, on either side of the battery.
        Nov 11, 2014
    18. Stuart
      Hi Patrick

      I have a 2006 Prius with 290k plus miles on it. A month or so ago the dash/console light intensity started to randomly flicker between day and night intensity modes. Then, three days ago, my low beams quit. Any possibility the two problems are connected, and if so do you have any ideas about things to check?

      I've tapped the relays with no effect, so I suspect the column switch.

      1. Patrick Wong
        Patrick Wong
        Hi Stuart, If you want to fix this yourself I suggest you obtain electrical wiring diagram info at as this problem will require some research. It is certainly possible the two issues are related.
        Nov 11, 2014
    19. ls40095
      Hello Patrick...Would you know if there is a sensor that needs to be reset after installing a side curtain bag on the 2nd generation Prius?...I just put one in and reset the light several times and all I'm getting is the air bag light blinking (5) then (7) then constantly blinking during reset and solid after power off and on..Cant get the light out and I know the bag is in properly..
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      2. ls40095
        so you have the VCI cable and the disk and your laptop. What can you do with it ?.I see them all over ebay
        Nov 25, 2014
      3. Patrick Wong
        Patrick Wong
        You can retrieve any DTC logged by any of the Prius ECUs. You can obtain many parameters that are tracked by each ECU. You can do anything that a Toyota tech can do using Toyota Techstream except for security-related functions like programming the car to recognize a new fob.
        Nov 25, 2014
      4. ls40095
        Thanks Patrick, your the best! I'm going to take a shot and buy the VCI cable and a disk to see.
        Dec 2, 2014
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