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Patrick Wong
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Jan 20, 2024 at 5:06 PM
Mar 8, 2008
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Green Valley, AZ
Pricing management

Patrick Wong

DIY Enthusiast, Male, from Green Valley, AZ

Maybe you have some residual air trapped in the engine cylinder head? Nov 2, 2021

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Jan 20, 2024
    1. Prius RT
    2. priuslyfe
    3. bigblock67
      Hi , I saw a post you had for a gen1 no start. Had same issue ,
      runs for 7 seconds dies. Put in neutral and is idles but rough. Main battery is low but now runs rough in park but is running, on couple cylinders Not sure what’s goin on. I’m going to let it run hopefully charge the main up
      1. Patrick Wong
        Patrick Wong
        My guess is that the high voltage traction battery has one or more dead cells, hence the battery needs to be replaced. I suggest you retrieve the diagnostic trouble codes to see if engine misfire is being reported and if so, what cylinders are affected. How many miles since the iridium spark plugs were replaced?
        Apr 21, 2023
    4. eximage
      Hi Patrick
      Been a fan of yours for a long time.
      Good to see you are still active and solving our problems.
      While replacing the heat control valve, about 3 qt of coolant leaked out( i think from the very bottom hose}
      In attempting to pour the coolant back into the radiator directly, it only took about a pint-no more.
      What are the steps to get more in?
      much appreciated for your help.

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      2. Patrick Wong
        Patrick Wong
        Pete, get a coolant funnel which will allow the coolant level to be above the radiator thus exerting a bit of pressure. Run the engine continuously until the thermostat opens and allows more coolant to enter.
        Jun 3, 2022
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    5. Dbasra99
      Hello Patrick, I was wondering if you could help me with a U0293 error caused by a short on my 2012 Prius Plug In.
    6. Patrick Wong
      Patrick Wong
      Maybe you have some residual air trapped in the engine cylinder head?
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    7. Shahsafi
      Hello Patrick, recent I have replace my prius v 2012 engine, all was well but I noticed the coolant heat sign is on, plz help me
    8. johnnychimpo
      here are the codes
      1. Patrick Wong
        Patrick Wong
        The various DTC indicate that the ECUs cannot communicate with each other. Might be a broken wire in the wiring harness or a failed ECU. Recommend you obtain factory repair manual info at techinfo.toyota.com. This may not be very easy to resolve.
        Feb 27, 2021
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    9. johnnychimpo
      I suspect the spark from the coils may have arced and fried the computer. I barely know how to use techstream but here is what I got, I hope you would be kind enough to provide some guidance as to how to tackle this. If It is the ECM can I just replace it or do I need to program it?
    10. johnnychimpo
      Hello I see you have a bit experience with tech stream. long story short. my engine has bent rod I will be replacing it its a 2010.
      in the process of putting it together I rolled it off the roll up ramps and it started but soon died.
      as engine grounds were not connected and it had no plugs and coils were dangling on the side.
    11. prius8654
      Hi Patrick, as you know you are an valuable resource on Prius Chat. You have helped me before. I have a quick one this time: I want to buy a VCI dongle that will allow me to use Techstream with my Toyotas (I have a Sienna and a Prius). There are way too many to choose from on Amazon, do you have a brand / vendor you can recommend (or maybe a link to one that it legit)?
      1. Patrick Wong
        Patrick Wong
        Yes, there are several Amazon vendors. I bought my Mini VCI a very long time ago and do not have a vendor to recommend. Amazon has pretty good return policies, so I suggest you buy from a US vendor (if you want to reduce shipping time) and hope for the best. Good luck with your choice.
        Feb 13, 2021
    12. March
      I’m wondering if the financial outlay ( at least $2000 ) makes sense given the age and miles of the car . The fact that the hybrid battery and AC are pretty recent make me lean toward making the repairs
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      2. Patrick Wong
        Patrick Wong
        Yes, I understand your position. I hope that will be the end of needed repairs for a while.
        Jan 31, 2019
    13. March
      Hi Patrick ,
      Please advise on my 2006 Prius . It has 128,000 miles and needs a new brake actuator and left axle cv boot . .
      In 2016 , I replaced the hybrid battery with a new one and replaced the AC .In 2018 I bought new Michelin tires and had brake pads replaced .

      A new actuator is $1200 .. the cv boot part is $75 or cv axle and boot kit $528 .Labor at a non dealer hybrid repair is $109 an hour .
      1. Patrick Wong
        Patrick Wong
        What advice are you expecting?
        Jan 30, 2019
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    14. Peter Senich
      Peter Senich
      Hello Patrick,
      Can you offer any advice or tips on how to separate the CHS water pump electrical connector on a 2006 Prius? Thank you. Peter
    15. Peter Fanelli
      Peter Fanelli
      Hi Patrick, I see your name come up a lot and hope you might be able to advise me. I recently had an inverter pump fail on my 05, pump has been replaced, am2 fuse replaced and car now operates again except that the a/c doesn't work. is there a procedure to restore power to the a/c after the inverter has shut it down?
      1. Patrick Wong
        Patrick Wong
        There is no such procedure. Did the A/C work correctly prior to the inverter pump failure? Does the cabin fan work?
        Jun 17, 2018
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    16. JIM777
      Hi Patrick I was reading some of your post to a fella that had a code problem POA A6 and attached to it was the 526 code as you troubleshoot it you were looking for another code mine also has the 612 code is wondering if you might be able to help me determine what that is thanks have a great day
      1. Patrick Wong
        Patrick Wong
        P0AA6, info code 612 means the ground fault is within the traction battery. Look for a leaking battery module first.
        Aug 15, 2017
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