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Feb 28, 2020 at 2:31 AM
Jul 12, 2007
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Adelaide South Australia
running about in a boat talking with people.


An Aussie perspective, from Adelaide South Australia

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Feb 28, 2020
    1. Ramanjit81
      I've been able to enter the add mode successfully which was confirmed by the car's lock-unlock sequence once or twice depending on the procedure followed but, I didn't have any joy programming the new fob.

      So finally the queries:

      Has anyone programmed a 2 button and a 3 button black logo Fob on the same car simultaneously?

      Can anyone confirm that the fob no. B21TA and B21TG are interchangeable?

      Any other suggestions?

      Has anyone other tha Jaquimo programmed a used black logo key from ebay which has probably been used more than the 128 times?

      Any one from Australia who has successfully programmed a used key from USA? could you help me please? Thanks in anticipation.
    2. patsparks
      Are people seeing that the bird is back or is it a bit obscure?
    3. patsparks
      That was in the UK back on my first visit. I was an usher at a wedding over there.
    4. bevspark
      Love the new Profile pic. When was that taken Pat?

      The new avator is pretty cute too.
    5. patsparks
      G'day Holmesman!
    6. patsparks
      Thanks Rokeby, I'll fix that during the day, t's 4 AM and I'm buggered
    7. Holmesman
      G'day mate!
    8. Rokeby
      Pat, it's August already... time to bring back the bird.
    9. bevspark
      Yes! Very happy about the football results, hard one this weekend though.
    10. patsparks
      I might make a new one with my emu head. Lets see what I come up with.
      I bet you're a happy girl after the weekend football? For anyone else visiting the Adelaide Crows football team smashed their arch rivals, Port Adelaide on the weekend!
    11. bevspark
      Not long to wait now Pat. Have you decided what your new Avatar will be?
    12. patsparks
      I wish the end of this month would hurry up and come. Sick of my avatar.
    13. patsparks
      Message is valid only from 02 July 2009 until 01 August 2009

      Last year I had a bet with Malorn.
      Malorn offered a bet that fuel prices would fall before the end of the year, I took him up on it and lost. The result is I have to have a gas guzzler for my avatar for a month. I asked him if I could leave it until February then forgot about it. I should put a message explaining it on my profile page.

      I might even create a whole new avatar by the end of the month, don't know. The uneducated bird brained Aussie is getting a little old now, and I don't even know if the person who was the reason behind it is still on the forum, in fact I don't even remember who it was, but I do like my emu.
    14. hill
      Cheeze !
      Oh, I mean chears ~ Hey so THIS is where the ol' PCD group is hangin' out. Sorry we missed you at the Nokia Center in L.A. but heck I'd hate to think how you'd write your name & the Toyota logo without snow!!
    15. Helio
      My heart and prayers goes out to your nation and those who have lost family in the tragic Australian wildfire.
    16. KK6PD
    17. KAR IDEA
      KAR IDEA
      G'Day Mate! I'm awake and logged in at ungodly morning U.S. hours because I sometimes work the 4am to 12pm shift. :P Like today for example...
    18. F8L
      Heya Pat! Thanks for the great posts. You crack me up sometimes. :)
    19. Genoz World
      Genoz World
      hi patsparks, you seem like a nice person with a lot of good advice and help. a good person to be a friend. cheers.
    20. patsparks
      Well thank you for dropping by Bill, this is a cool idea.
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    Adelaide South Australia
    running about in a boat talking with people.
    2004 Prius
    one of 8 kids, dad was a truck driver mum stayed home. Now I drive a Prius.

    Cars, motorbikes, internet, food and beer.


    [​IMG] All the warranty I need.
    Still averaging 4.4L/100km across town
    2004 silver base model Prius
    Shark fin, genuine mudflaps, colour matched side mouldings, rear bumper scuff guard, sheepskin seats, BT Plate. I love it!