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Sep 15, 2008
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Prius Team

Toyota Marketing USA, from CA

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Oct 25, 2017
    1. WiscPriusc
      Love to purchase 2019 Prius awd but turn signal indicators on mirrors & temp spare tire important to me. rdy 2 trade up from my Prius c. UK and AUS get mirror indicators! Most reliable car I’ve ever owned, desire 2 stay loyal. 2nd choice Corolla hatchback, has indicators but no hybrid. Hybrid lover and Toyota promoter!
    2. PriusDude11
      Erica, any thoughts on what might cause a user to not be able to connect to the Entune system (think: the "Internet connection"), whose Entune and Pandora accounts are both registered? Everything has gone smooth except for the actual internet connection from the phone to the car. I'm at a loss!

      I have an unlimited data package and established bluetooth connection. Just not working; so frustrating!
    3. SocialSuzy
      Can you direct me to whom I need to address a declining EV issue to and the fact that the service staff at the dealer I bought it from have admitted to me after 3 times of bringing the car in that they have had no education on the PIP?

      I don't want to bother you with it if your not the right person to address, and if you are, please let me know, because then I have quite a bit more I need to say. Having to to pay the "PIP Premium" only to have the EV miles be less and less every week - now max is only 9.1 does not make for a happy consumer. And this one happens to work in Social Media.
      I look forward to hearing back from you.
    4. andyprius
      Yes, TY Natalya, Dealer tells me ETA is 24-27 April.
    5. andyprius
      HELLO Erica: Did you receive my message? andyprius
    6. vine
      Hi Erica,
      Tried to send you a private message - but not successful. I am not sure what the issue is. Could you please post some information on how I can contact you?

      Please look at the following thread.

      The dealer is claiming that he is going to officially cancel my order. I have posted most details in the thread - but want to send you the email communication with the dealer and other details. My confirmation number is #TC0039501973. Hope you can get my details from the conf #. Please intervene and help. This is urgent.
    7. jbrad4

      Prius Plug-In manual deficiency - HomeLink.

      I have been using HomeLink in my Sienna for years. I really like not having to carry remotes around.

      I had a heck of a time trying to program my remotes into the HomeLink mirror in my Plug-In advanced. I stopped by a Toyota dealership today and asked a salesman about it. He said, "Yeah, the Toyota manuals are all deficient in the area of HomeLink". He told me to just go to HomeLink and get the programming instructions, which I did. These instructions are only one page long. Toyota needs to incorporate these instructions into their manuals or reference the HomeLink.com website for more detailed information. Since the instructions are only one page, it should not be a problem to add them to the manual. I followed these instructions and got my HomeLink mirror in my Prius working in the matter of a couple of minutes.
      The instructions in the Prius Plug-In manual are incomplete and don't work.

      -= Jim =-
    8. delz
    9. jbrad4

      Here's an Article John Voelcker wrote in Green Car Reports about the Plug-In Prius using a lot of my words. My Plug-In should have left Japan today on the PYXIS. Order #1033, built 02/23/12. I'm excited!

      -= Jim Bradbury (jbrad4) =-
      Rowlett, Texas
    10. ryogajyc
      Ok, I think you've answered the case I care about, which is SafetyConnect + Plug-in Hybrid Apps + SXM Data Services only (no SXM Satellite Radio), which is: $139.95 + 12*$8.99 = $247.83/year

      But I'm still confused about why NavWeather is $9.99/month, but the SXM Data Services (which includes NavWeather) is $8.99/month. Is this just a weird quirk of of SXM pricing structure? Or is SXM Data Service only available with SXM Satellite Radio? Or is NavWeather for $9.99/month a month-to-month price, while SXM Data Services for $8.99/month requires a 12 month contract?
    11. ryogajyc
    12. Prius Team
      Prius Team

      Thanks for the messages. Did you not receive the email status sent to you telling you that your vehicle was scheduled to be built between Feb-March? We will have more status updates as the dates get closer, but as the factory has not begun building the cars, it's hard to report something that hasn't happened quite yet.

      Please stay tuned for more info.

    13. jbrad4
      Those of us who have ordered a Plug-In Prius are really in the dark as to where our vehicle is in the production process. It sure would be nice to have the same level of detail that Chevy Volt customers receive:
      Tracking Your Volt Order
    14. jbrad4
      Erica, et al,
      It would be great if Toyota would provide a website for Prius PHV (PiP) owners to track ev/hv miles like GM does for Volt owners. See: Volt Stats! Tracking real world usage of Chevy Volts in the wild... . This would be good info for Toyota to track as well as the PiP owners.

      -= Jim Bradbury (jbrad4) =-
      Rowlett, TX
    15. ryogajyc
    16. jbrad4
      Follow-up on Dealer Charging Stations. In keeping with Toyota's green image, solar charging stations would be nice. Chevrolet's Solar Charging Stations.
    17. jbrad4
      When will Toyota Dealers put in Level-2 chargers? All the Nissan dealers have them for the Leaf and anyone else who wants to go there and charge up. I saw a Volt charging at my local Nissan dealer. When I get my plug-in, I don't want to have to go to the Nissan dealer down the street to top off my battery. This will be a big newsworthy event when Toyota makes this decision to do this.
    18. Prius Team
    19. Prius Team
      Prius Team
      9am PST tomorrow Nov 17th is when the order site will open for Priority Registrants. I will look into the countdown clock discrepancy. Thanks for letting me know.

      Erica Gartsbeyn, Prius Product Manager, Toyota USA
    20. jbrad4
      Which is correct? The message on theToyota Prius Plug-in configure page that says the order site opens at 9 am tomorrow, or the countdown clock that goes to zero at 8 am tomorrow? -- Thanks in advance for your reply.
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