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Son of Gloin
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Jul 18, 2018 at 1:04 PM
Jun 16, 2008
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October 21
Lafayette, IN

Son of Gloin

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Jul 18, 2018
    1. patsyk61
      i just got my new 2012 Prius 4. I luv it! it is the sea pearl color. Glad I found the forum. when i turn it off, it tells me the consumption & the savings. I don't really understand the amounts on the savings. does anyone know? Thanks,Pat
    2. rrobin1057
      hi , i've been sooo busy trying to find work i was laid off from Comcast Cable and still been looking for work and i'll try to pop in here time after time and thanks for joining my prius group
    3. JimN
      Hello, no need to apologize. The avatar is made from Tesla's press release. I believe there are two Model S built but haven't seen any.
    4. orracle
      And they had NO idea what was causing it? You didn't want to try Bob Roooooohrman?

      Quite strange. Did you search through the message boards to see if anyone else had had the same problem? And you're sure you have never left anything on?
    5. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      Thanks for the energetic - and MUCH appreciated! - welcome ....

      The less traveled roads you speak of MAY have to wait, however; I'm confident I'll be having my hands full just getting accustomed to all the 21st-century gadgetry for quite some time! The transition from a '97 Stratus to an '08 Prius is, perhaps, more than this 20th century "dude" had anticipated.
    6. orracle
      Fantastic!!! Welcome to the club of silver Prius owners!!

      Wait until you find yourself taking less traveled roads to improve your mileage! I've been coming down 41 instead of I65 for this reason!
    7. orracle
      Thanks--it was a nice visit and over too quickly. However, since he's coming home for a Sox game on the 3rd we'll see him soon.

      My biggest problem in writing is throwing in enough details and descriptions. I frankly skip over a lot of that when I read but I was told "show me, don't tell me". Okay...

      Ziebart! I remember them! And a have a few memories of good old Kokomo, too.
    8. orracle
      I have three mysteries I've written sitting in a drawer and another one in progress. I know about writing frustrations!

      I'll be down there on Saturday for a quick visit. Who did you order from ? Bob Roooohhhrrmannnnnn?

      Keep reading. You'll be well prepared when the new arrival finally gets here!
    9. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      sorry for the delay ... AND ... i hope i'm doing this right ....

      very nice to hear from you, orracle. as you know, i'm a VERY new member here, so i wasn't even sure how to check for messages and so on until i FINALLY did a little exploring just now!

      my wife, daughter and i have been living in Lafayette since 1998. we're having a hard time waiting for our Prius to arrive. we ordered a Pkg #3 / Seaside Pearl with bisque fabric nearly a month ago.

      i tend to be long-winded -- if you don't believe me ... well; i could tell you about the fantasy novel i've been working on for 4+ years ... snicker! -- so i'll close for now; thanking you for the nice welcome!
    10. orracle
      Hey "Son"!

      I was born In Lafayette, grew up in Delphi, went to Purdue and now my daughter goes to Purdue and my son lives in WL! Welcome to PriusChat!
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    My wife traded in '97 "Stone White" (Dodge Stratus... gasp!) for '13 "Lizzy McGuire" (Buick LaCrosse... GASP!) in Nov, 2015... AND, as of 25 Aug 2017, we FINALLY got our Prius Prime / Premium! But, in many ways, I'm gonna' miss "MITHRIL" (our '08 / CSM / Pkg #3 Prius) for a long time....