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    1. SSimon
      Speaking of creek restoration, I'm so excited as I just received word this week that the county approved our private project for this same end. We received grant money to fund the project in part but had to allocate some of our own funds so no vacation for us this year. It's all good as in the long run, a nice restored wetland on our property will provide year 'round vacation. Right now reed canary grass has taken over and the creek has been channelized. The engineering/contracting firm is going to re-meander the creek, remove about 2 feet of soil so the area will conduct itself more like a swale and to remove the rcg seed bank. Then we'll seed it in with natives and prescribe annual burns. I'm a little nervous as I'm not sure how we'll keep the invasive at check but have asked for a long term management plan for this. Just don't have it yet but I'm suspecting it'll be daunting. Especially seeing as that our neighbor has rcg all over his part of the creek upstream from us and this is not an isolated population.

      What exactly are you going to do w/ your education? Have you any idea yet?
    2. F8L
      I agree with your stance on Galaxee's post. I was out doing creek restoration work and thought of you so figured I'd post you a quick note. Not because I had to lop a large branch off of a Live Oak today. :p
    3. SSimon
      Nerfer! Good to hear from you. I will be honored to be your friend. I sent you a pm reply as well.

      All four trees I planted are doing really well (two of them oaks. I planted a red and a chinquapin.) I had an arborist out to check on them and he commented how great they're all doing. The hackberry is a little unruly right now but that's to be expected in youth. The sad news is that I have to take down a very mature siberian elm as it's shed massive branches that have damaged my gutters and also my neighbor's shed. This was to come down, but this is much sooner than planned.

      Where have you been working this summer, or has time not allowed?
    4. nerfer
      Hey there SSimon! How's that oak tree of yours doing? Mine is finally getting bark that looks like an oak tree.
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