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    1. Boji
      Black Garnet Pearl is honestly one of the best looking colors Lexus has ever made. My other favorite is the Diamond White metallic, aka the Prius' Blizzard Pearl. Is your interior dark or beige? I know they came in both with that color. Also, what do you prefer driving most--the Prius or the Lexus?
    2. Boji
      Hey you seem to have a nice looking Lexus (burgundy metallic right? It's hard to say because I'm only seeing the hood as your avatar). Do you have other pics? I've always been a big fan of the ES.
    3. SW03ES
      Trust me, get what you really want ;)
    4. lauren80ryan
      Just so you know, I did get on and research cost of Lexus 350 (since my prius seems to be taking FOREVER to get here). They are definitely lower in cost but I feel like I really have to go hybrid now and then it would be $5-8k more (for 2 yr old car) than my new prius. Sure was tempting for a few moments though!! :-) They are just so beautiful!! LOL
    5. lauren80ryan
      Watch out! You told Johnny there was a Lexus forum! Let me know how long it takes before he is on that one making demands and whining. :-)~ hehe

      Thanks for torturing me with my decision making, BTW. :-D
      I REALLY love the Lexus but then I would have to get the hybrid and I just dont' think I can swallow that car payment. Maybe in another 6 years when our prius is paid off and maybe our house can be refinanced and cut that payment down (we JUST bought it in Nov) then I will look again. I LOVE that lexus is right there with great SUV hybrids though. I know they are a wonderful company, very customer devoted, and always one step ahead of most auto makers.
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