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Jan 9, 2004
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VFAQman, Male, from Florida

Driving off the rails on a crazy train Mar 14, 2015

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    1. talonts
      Driving off the rails on a crazy train
    2. talonts
      Driving off the rails on the crazy train
    3. tf4624
      Craigslist is your friend for finding techy jobs yo.. Don't settle for less the 52 000 a year..if you know what your doing..
    4. talonts
      I've still got my 90 Talon, though it has been parked for over 2 years with a spun rod bearing - no room to build the engine, the garage is STILL full from our move 5 years ago!

      The 06 and 04 are doing fine, though I'm getting a heavy click when I turn the wheel on the 06. Started a few weeks ago. I thought it might be a worn CV joint, but I can even get it to do it when parked, so maybe it is the rack. Still under warranty for a bit, so I'm going to let Toyota worry about it.

      How much did the Hymotion set you back after everything? Not that it matters much, I'm unemployed and money is almost gone (REALLY need to look for a job, but work from home is tough to get in tech support jobs).
    5. keydiver
      Hi Tom, how's it going? I took advantage of the Florida Hymotion rebate this week, so I'm having fun with my 100mpg Prius. :-)
      All my Galant VR-4's are gone now, and I'm working on shutting down dsmchips.com. The DSMLink guys want to make regular chips too, so that gives me a good way to get out.
      I still point people every day to VFAQ.com, so thanks for maintaining it!
      Jeff Oberholtzer
      aka keydiver
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