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    1. engerysaver
      It's been over 2 years since your last post ..... Come on back to PriusChat!!
    2. lovelyreet
      I joined yesterday, posted a question about my Prius not shutting down. now I can't find where to look for the answers if anyone responded. I wish there was an easy button which was "post a question/message" and "find your messages". Please email me privately so I can get it easily. Thank you.
    3. titopr
      Hi Danny,
      For a few (many!) months I've tried to reprogram my smart keys which lost the smart feature when I changed the 12 volt battery more than a year ago. Do you know if any of the many posts on this subject actually work and are they written in an understandle fashion for a nerd like me? Prius 2004
    4. magiclee
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    5. bang4abuckprius
      Danny I double posted on 100,000 mile section by mistake,sorry! Went back and both missing, am I doing something wrong? I Love my Prius, maybe I do not know how to use Prius Chat?
    6. walamoonbeam
      I made a double post in the Gen 2 Prius Mods page. Sorry about that
    7. gosharks
      Danny, I am trying to delete a post. How do I do this?
    8. fchen7
      hi Danny. i have a question and i am confused. I just register to this forum. I tried to post a new thread. After submit, it says i can't create link or post to other website. I wasn't doing any of that. do you know what it means ?
    9. ArmyRanger
      I am new to the forum. What does this mean? "You are only allowed to post URLs to other sites after you have made 5 posts or more." This error is apparently preventing me from making my post. What should I do?
    10. porttac

      Just my two cents worth,if you have the time. Shut down the Politics Forum. It is just the same few ego maniac's, usually bad tempered. Waste of space.

    11. jammin691
      I love my Prius !! Where can i get the "Priuschat.com" Decal?
    12. terrylowe
      I saw you were on and decided to give you a quick question about this board. On other forums, when I post in a thread, I am automatically "subscribed" to it. Is it possible to set up my priuschat so that it does that?
    13. Lemac

      First let me say that I do enjoy my Prius, but the experience I have had in the past has made me want to get out of the Toyota family.

      I am looking at getting rid of my 2007 Prius because I'm afraid of the problems I may have in the future. What happens when the touch screen dies, or any other electrical problem, big or small.

      I just had a compter problem where my Prius would not turn off. The car is still under warranty and the Toyota shop said they probably would not fix it. I had to threaten them with the Better Business Bureau. Then they said they were fixing the problem and told me that they had been working on it for a week and a half even though this didnt even have the car. Then they said the car would be fixed in 6 hours, it took three days.


      Billy [email protected][/email]
    14. TexomaEV
      Danny, Can the GEN 1, thread be made into it's own forum. People have a difficult time finding it, and there are many of us out there who need help with Gen 1's.

      Plus withing the Gen 1 thread, there is a posting regarding the Scanguage II being programmed and used for diagnostics on the Gen1. It's a very significant tool for us, and should be made into a STICKY if possible. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
    15. brmilton
      Danny -

      before I post it outright, where SHOULD I post a Gen I question? I've a 2001 Prius issue.
    16. DemonSlayer
      Hey Danny,
      I posted a thread in Private Sales for a ScanGauge II and now I've sold it. Is there anyway you can delete the thread now?
    17. aewpence
      I'm brand new to Priuschat.com and desperately want to make the following post:

      I have a 2005 Prius with 155,000 miles on it. I replaced the PCV valve at 120,000, but my car is still using a quart of oil every 1000 miles. I see no smoke coming out of the back when I start it up in the morning. Is this excessive oil consumption normal for a car with this high mileage? Can I get away with using an oil of a higher weight or a synthetic that someone could recommend? Thanks! How do I post something on Priuschat.com?
    18. PCV-III
      Hi Danny

      I sold the 2006 Prius ~ but never installed the NEW HID BULBS
      Where can I post on Prius-Chat to offer them FOR SALE ?

      Thanks, Jan
    19. tonidoll
      hi danny. i just joined but can't find where to post a question. can you help?
    20. Lloyd9
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