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Sep 11, 2005
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    1. happy2472
      hey everyone i have a 2006 prius i think package 7 backup camera bluetooth and navigation ..... i have searched and really havent found an answer yet ...

      i was driving the past few days in the north east PA/NY/NJ and noticed two times the red triangle light came on and says "problem" (i think ) i have searched and found no real answer to why ... i did find a post in here and tested my battery which i will do again tomorrow also but it showed 14v when charging ... it seemed to happen when i applied pressure to the brakes .. could it be a brake issue? im not sure
    2. steveotheprio
      hey can I ask you how you installed your parking lights?? I just got some new led bulbs I wanted to install..
    3. happy2472
      hey man long time no chat .... can u help me in the model number or type of HID bulbs for my 2006 prius you helped me a yr or so ago and the pc i used to order the bulbs is gone and i am looking to up the K rating for my next set .. i forgot which ones i need to order
    4. willyag
      Allright! exactly what I needed. Just ordered two. Thanks for your quick response. My right light is starting to blink out and I have to restart them to get it back. I owe you one.
    5. windstrings
      Bad choices.... 6000K is bluewhite, 8000 is bluer and 12000 is almost purple.

      4200K to 4500K will be bright white like standard.
      I would not go higher than 5000K myself if you like white bright light.

      The higher the kelvin goes, the less lumens.
      Some like the "cool" effect, but its not really condusive for good night driving.

      Not sure exactly what your looking for but you can look here.
      NEW 4300K HID 35W Xenon OEM Replacement Bulbs D4R:eBay Motors (item 270364426888 end time Oct-21-09 22:33:53 PDT)
    6. willyag
      I'm trying to follow your advice about buying HID lamps for my 2007 but I ran into a branch in the road: color temperature. Do you know which is standard equipment? I think there were 6000, 8000, 10000, and 12000 degrees Kelvin choices.
    7. windstrings
      NOt yet.. I haven gotten it and it will be a while before I need a change.
      But it is 14flutes and so that one should work well... it may use a 3.8 inch extension on your wrench.. Ill wait to see.
    8. markiepruis
      have you used the oil filter wrench from ebay and did it work? Thanks
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