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Apr 18, 2008
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Metro Detroit


Junior Prius Owner, from Metro Detroit

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Mar 22, 2010
    1. PriusGuy32
      Hey I was hoping to get some of us Metro Detroit/Michigan Prius Chatters together for a meet one day!! You up for it?
    2. chrisspaulding
      Thanks for the help. Glad to be Prii friends!
    3. Genoz World
      Genoz World
      the honor is all mine. thank you SIR. how's detroit? what kind of work do you do?

      for me, i'm a real estate broker in a very slow market here, plugging away and making some closings - thank goodness. my prius has helped my mileage quite a bit! looking forward to many more miles with it!
    4. Genoz World
      Genoz World
      Hi ZC1, good friends are always nice to have. you seem like a nice person.

      I'm gene, from the Hollywood area. check out my new joke on LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE. see you around.
    5. ZC1
      Sorry the Venture shield didn't work for you.
      Somewhere in Priuschat I told of how I installed a clear shield product over the bumpers but not the hood. For the hood, I cut 5 inch strips out of a 20ft roll and installed that. The pre-cut clearshield I put on cost $25 from Ebay, the 20ft roll cost like $45?
      Over all the clear shield, I installed a Toyota bra. It went on very tight, just like I like it.
      I'll try to get some pics up, of the bra.

      EBH? I forgot what that was.

      I added a rigid thick aluminum body stiffener for only $60, not the $165 the others guys want. Works exactly the same, except has a silver finish.
      I installed mud guards and sprayed each wheel well for sound deadener, repainted the brake calipers shiny black (instead of that chipped up silver and gray), installed leather covers for most interior painted surfaces, tint on all windows except the front (as you know).
      Removed some badges for repainting.
      Working on changing the shifter now, eh...we'll see.

      I'm gonna put on a tail pipe extension with some flare or something.

      Who knows, I'm running out of money.

      No sharkfin for me yet, I hear the AM radio reception goes bad and sometimes the FM is not so good in urban areas.

      I'm glad I installed the lockpick, it unlocks everything I've tried, maybe I need to spend more time with it, I haven't tried every feature.

      If you get a chance to come to Metro Detroit with your new Lockpick, give me a jingle, I have all the tools and experience with installing it. You can help and it'll only cost ya some pizza.
      I'm a perfectionist in my work so it has to be -just- right.

    6. Palmetto
      I just couldn't stomach the look of VentureShield so off it came. That was a $250 mistake. I'm not saying it wasn't a good product. It just looks terrible. Anyway, I Zaino'd the car the next day and it looks awesome. Made me smile!

      The lockpick....first I want to learn how to operate the NAV system. After I know what the heck I'm doing I can then do it while driving. My local Toyota dealership is willing to install it. I'm not even sure if it works on the 2008 models. I've seen conflicting posts on this.

      The EBH went in easily. Tomorrow I'll put on the sharkfin antenna. Pretty much done after this except for a lockpick...maybe. Are you glad you installed the Lockpick?

      How's your baby? Any new mods?
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    Metro Detroit
    2008 Prius
    I'm a new 2008 Prius owner and I really like the car!

    Chess, Prius, anything Computer, and Prius again.