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10" floating head unit? And, preserving car settings

Discussion in 'Prius v Main Forum' started by Weirderal, Oct 26, 2022.

  1. Weirderal

    Weirderal Junior Member

    Dec 11, 2019
    Pennsylvania, United States
    2012 Prius v wagon
    Has anyone installed a 10" floating screen head unit like this one in a Prius v? Does it block the vents, shifter, climate controls, etc.?

    I found exactly one thread on the forums with pictures of a floating screen setup, but it's a 9" screen on a regular model. Nothing on r/CarAV or r/Prius either.

    I like the one I linked in particular because of the volume knob. Looks like they're pretty scarce with the current generation of head units.
    As a separate, lesser question...in the stock head unit, when parked, I can view these car settings:
    • Auto Lock by Speed
    • Auto Lock by Shift from P
    • Auto Unlock by Shift to P
    • Remote 2-press Unlock
    • Key System with Elec. Key
    • Lock/Unlock Feedback Tone (volume)
    • Headlamps Auto-Off Timer
    Do I need to get a Maestro interface and iDataLink-compatible head unit to preserve access to those settings (plus camera, steering wheel controls, etc.) if I upgrade? A Crutchfield agent said yes, but I'd like to hear from people who have been there already.