12v battery replacement update....

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    Nov 15, 2010
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    Thanks to many of you ladies and gents who helped me with my 12v battery situation in my 2106 Prius 3, gray. After numerous suggestions from yall I found the 12v replacement that I needed at NAPA automotive. Perfect fit, best price; and everything was compatible. Price: $152. +tax & core or exch. Group 140R. part #75140R MF.

    I used a trickle charger as a battery tender to avoid losing data in the system, and I used you tube videos. Seems to have worked; and I did not turn the car into a very expensive toaster. Yet. Toyota wanted 175. for the battery and another 100/plus. to do the exchange. Plus tax. I was going to upgrade to a newer hybrid vehicle, but with only 29K on him; why bother?! For cold snow/ice conditions I've got a 2010 Forester, white, 56K, parked on the other side of the garage. It has a new battery too. Again; thank you for your advice and support.
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