16" alloy wheel hub caps

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    Aug 11, 2009
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    I have used the center caps (logo) on the 16" alloy wheel covers to make inexpensive hub caps for the wheels. The wheel covers (plastic) were scratched from previous owner, so I removed them, then removed the center logo by grinding off the plastic tabs (on backside of covers) which hold the logo to the covers. With a suggestion from another thread which I can't locate again, I purchased 4 - 2 1/8" diameter brass sliding door pulls from the local home center (less than $5). these fit loosely into the hub centers, but by dimpling out the diameter slightly, I was able to snug them to the wheel.
    For the front wheels, I had to hole punch a 7/8" diameter hole from the center of the door pulls so they would fit over the threaded axle end.
    By using silicone caulk, I adhered the plastic logo caps to the hollow side of the door pulls, and let them cure overnight. Using small dabs of silicone, I attached the assemblies to each wheel hub. This should allow the hub caps to be removed without too much effort. I hope the small dabs of silicone will be sufficient to hold the caps to the wheel as I hit potholes and other road hazards.
    I have photos but haven't yet figured out how to attach them.