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    Feb 11, 2009
    Allen, TX
    2008 Prius
    Achieved 200,000 today in my 2008 Prius. I bought it new when gas was $4 gallon, and it was never love at first sight :) It took a few test drives before my head overruled my heart, and since I have never regretted ordering this car.

    This car has never been back to the dealership for service. The only time I went back to Toyota was to get a key programmed that I bought on E-bay. Also, this car has never been to a professional service technician, unless you count 1 window replacement, tire mounting, alignment, and Texas safety inspections.

    This Prius 2nd gen gave me amazing reliability. In 200,000 miles I have:

    1.) replaced synthetic blend oil every 5000 miles
    2.) replaced transmission fluid once
    3.) replaced inverter coolent pump once (failed on highway, but was able to get it home).
    4.) replaced steering wheel wiring coil (air recirculate button quit working)
    5.) replaced cabin air filter several times
    6.) replaced front drivers side wheel bearing assy at approx. 160,000 miles
    7.) replaced engine air filters when dirty.
    8.) bought a couple 12V batteries.
    9.) replaced the drivers side window seal
    10.) replaced the engine accessory drive belt
    11.) replaced spark plugs 1X around 110,000 miles (they looked good)
    12.) replaced all brake pads, 1X around 90,000 (they didn't need replaced)
    13.) replaced all struts, 1X, I'm not sure that helped (it still drives like a wet sponge)

    In short, normal stuff, nothing major.

    I am amazed that car still runs great with:

    1). 3 of the 4 wheel bearings are original and quiet.
    2). Original HV traction battery, I still get 46 mph driving fairly fast.
    3). Original power steering, radiator, and brake fluids.

    Something else that makes this car special, about 3 years ago I installed my own "DIY Aftermarket Adapative Cruise Control", my own invention, which you can read about on this site. It still works great, I use it everyday on my commute.

    This car has done countless weekly commutes between Dallas TX and Mobile AL. It is an amazing piece of machinery, and has surpassed all my expectations. Thank you Toyota!!!
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    Apr 10, 2019
    Central Texas
    2004 Prius
    Our 2004 Prius has over 230,000 miles. Odomoter reads about 10,500 over actual miles due to installing a rebuilt instrument cluster.

    1) Original traction battery's life being extended with Prolong since it started acting up in late 2017.
    2) Original 12V failed, replacement Optima might still be in service but I was duped into an early replacement.
    3) Did not replace hybrid transaxle fluid.
    4) Original brake pads.
    5) Lifetime MPG not available.
    6) Oil (M1) and filter changes every 5K.

    On about the fourth inverter coolant pump. Also replaced the three way valve.

    Got plenty of money's worth out of the heavily discounted / out of region six-year 100K miles extended warranty. Thanks Toyota dealership dude who posted extended warranty Internet pricing on the old Yahoo! Groups forum!

    Could not find Package VII on the signup form, so used "N/A." There were nine packages offered during at least the early months of production of the 2004.
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    Apr 30, 2019
    Portland OR
    2005 Prius
    05 2nd owner, picked this baby up in 06 /w 24k.

    1) Did you replace the HV battery pack?
    Only two modules , just last weekend.

    2) Did you replace the 12v lead-acid battery?
    @ about 150k, yellow top

    3) Did you replace the hybrid transaxle fluid?

    4) Did you replace the brake pads?

    5) Your lifetime MPG (if available)?
    Not sure

    6) How often do you change your oil? What brand / product did you use?
    High milage

    7) How about post a picture of 200,000 miles on ODO? 20190430_132946.jpeg

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  4. psymon100

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    Nov 10, 2011
    Auckland, New Zealand
    2008 Prius
    We bought this 2008 NZ Model Prius sight unseen from a no reserve online auction with 452932 km (~282K Mi). My wife and I took a plane to Wellington, then drove the car back to Auckland ~653 km, driving from about 2pm to 11pm, most important stop was at a place called Johnsonville to check it over, there I topped up the oil, it was above the low marker but not by much. At the start of the journey it complained with beeps ~ every 5 mins, the CEL, and the red triangle. I had my OBD2 scanner and saw it said P0A80 & P0012. BTW its not a great scanner, a better one is coming. After topping up the oil at Johnsonville upon restart there was no CEL. Anyway throughout the journey the car's health improved, time between beeps got longer and longer. Long story short - we drove this sight unseen Prius hundreds of kms home, couldn't ask for a better result. Since then it has gotten healthier again, the red triangle has gone and every drive is trouble free.

    I want this car to be really good, some work I've done includes a bunch of detailing, plus: Oil + Filter, hybrid battery fan clean, clean throttle body, clean MAF sensor, check 12V.
    Some work I'm going to do: Radiators fluids, definitely inverter water pump maybe engine water pump, serpentine belt, air filter, cabin filter, tranny fluid ATF WS, PCV Valve, and a DR Prius scan with the new OBD2.
    I've got spark plugs on the way from amazon because they're just ridiculously cheap compared to buying them here in NZ, like 70% off landed cost. Need to figure out some brakes stuff as well.

    I have no service history on this car.
    1) Did you replace the HV battery pack? No. It looks to be original and untampered with.
    2) Did you replace the 12v lead-acid battery? Sadly I have no idea if the battery is original or not.
    3) Did you replace the hybrid transaxle fluid? Someone wrote in the engine bay 'Transmission serviced at 272600 km' (~170K Mi)
    4) Did you replace the brake pads? IDK if they were ever changed.
    5) Your lifetime MPG (if available)? Not sure of lifetime. From it's first tank I got 5.5L/100km out of it.
    6) How often do you change your oil? What brand / product did you use? The last owner appeared to use a mechanic for oil changes at 10K intervals. They had it for four years and did 50K km's a year for four years. (~31K Mi). I intend to do 2-3 short interval oil changes (5K kms, 3K Mi); then I'll move to 9K kms (~5.6K Mi). I'm using Nulon fully synthetic 5w-30.
    7) How about post a picture of 200,000 miles on ODO? Sure, and the hybrid battery fan as well.

    I want to take this car over 500K kms (311K Mi)

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    May 14, 2019
    2007 Prius
    243,000 and counting.
    Lots of battery issues and general wear and tear as you'd expect, but still going strong (if a little battered!)...