2001 Clean Prius (AZ Car) For Parts (Clean Title) or To Part Out

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    Aug 15, 2013
    Mesa, Arizona
    2001 Prius
    Hey Guys,

    THE BAD (Don't want to waste anyones time) - Long story the end of which is that my Wife's Prius is dead. It is throwing a code for MG1, or MG2, I forget which, when you put it into gear the ICE dies, and when the ICE is running the Transmission sounds like a jar full of marbles (while in P) (I should have changed the Transmission fluid as religiously as I did the oil). I'm not in AZ at the moment so I can't pull the codes to give you more information. It also has two small dents (and I mean small) one you can actually push out if you put your hand on the fender from inside the trunk and push, the other is... I don't remember.

    The battery is also not good. It had a brand new battery, but my sister in laws Prius needed a battery, so we swapped them around. It will come with a core though if someone wants to buy it whole.

    THE GOOD - This is a very clean car. It's been well maintained. New Struts on the front, brand new inverter coolant pump. 175k miles. No rust. I was going to part it out, but a friend suggested this might be just the car someone wants to put a new transmission and battery in and make a good classic Prius out of it. It has tires with half wear. It ran smooth on the interstate. It has a brand new windshield (replaced 2 months before it died)

    It also has a very stout 2" Receiver hitch (none of that sissy 1 1/4" non-sense), and is wired with a 4-flat trailer light connector.

    There is an album of pictures of the car here:

    If you want, post an offer, please don't pm me, just post it. If you want a part off of it, post what you want, and what you will pay. Once I get some feedback I'll decide whether I'm parting it out or selling it whole.

    P.S. Car is located in Mesa, AZ (West Mesa). And is parked in our house's carport, so it's out of the sun.


    Pictures are located here: Joey Novak has shared 9 photos with you! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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