2001 Prius Won't Start

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    Sep 26, 2015
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    I attempted to search for similar issues before posting again for the sake of find the answer then ask for help. I currently have a 2001 Prius with over 250,000 miles.

    Engine attempts to start first second and immediately stops when turning key over.

    Key is inserted and symptoms:
    Dash gas gauge is "dancing" up and down in box levels constantly
    Current gear is not visible on dash (Shows P D N but none are highlighted) although I know which it is based on position of shifter
    No errors appear on the dash or LCD screen / Not a single check engine messages or nothing
    Techstream does not get signal when trying to run a scan - Works on my functional 2003 prius

    Potential issue: Coolant pump was replaced before from previous owner from a junk yard and was able to run fine - Had hybrid battery jerry rigged and was a mess since kept winging it with battery cell swaps and using a bluetooth app to erase error messages while driving everyday every minute but he made it through until could not start anymore. Prior owner attempted to fiddle with fuel pump wiring under the rear seat. He thought perhaps fuel pump was bad or not working. I attempted to connect it back together since it uses a electrical plug connection and he sold it unplugged.

    Checked blue 15A fuse for AM2 as many other similar threads and symptoms indicate but fuse is not blown and working - I happen to have another 2003 prius that starts and swapped the fuse from there and same symptoms.

    I attempted swapping the hybrid ECU and engine ECU from working 2003 and same symptoms. No start. Engine just spins for a second and stops

    Using a good hybrid battery from working 2003 and a new 12V. Any where else I can look would help otherwise going to just sell on marketplace for parts as is. Guessing communication in electrical is cut short somewhere
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    Does techstream work at communicating when in the bad car with the 2003 ECU? YOU NEED THE CODES.