2004 134k actuator replacement need help

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    Jun 22, 2005
    First off I have read so much info on here watched so many videos and have actually done the job (at least the parts portion) 3 times. I purchase a used tested and reman unit off ebay (he said they listen for the motor to run change the diaphragm and make sure the ECU didn't get brake fluid in it) installed everything seems fine. I run into issues when trying to do the techstream portion of the install. I can reset the memory and seems to work on the first attempt the beep stops but in will not learn the linear valve offset or doing any bleeding procedures. Aux battery is fully charged with the battery charger/maintainer connected through the whole process. I get a C1203 which has reset but come back ECU comm circuit which makes me think maybe the skid ECU is having problems. Also during the 120 sec learn process the ABS nor Brake light do anything they just stay lit. I actually had to find a video just to see what it was suppose to look like when they blink. Codes are
    C1203 ECU Comm Circuit
    C1252 Hydro Pump Booster
    C1319 Changeover Solenoid
    C1345 Not Learning Linear Valve Offset
    C1392 Un Correction of a Zero point of the Stroke Sensor

    The seller sent me another unit it does the exact same thing I even put the original back on which also does the same thing hence the 3 times at swapping parts around. Any suggestions would be great I have owned 7 of these cars 2 1st gen, 2 2nd gens and 3 3rd gens. I have one that has 260k and still going strong can't kill the thing.