2005 fixxer upper after head gasket...engine codes and smoke

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    Nov 24, 2020
    2005 Prius
    Hello everyone, im new here and have been reading around on the forum for a little while now. I am not new to working on cars and motorcycles but I am new to the prius. I recently (few months ago) purchased a 2005 prius that had a blown headgasket at 170k miles for a pretty good price. I changed the headgasket which was a miserable job, put everything back together, put new fuel injectors because it got random misfires after new sparkplugs, and went for the first test drive today.

    Still had lots of white smoke from the exhaust when parked, but no liquid coming out, oil was a little watery, and I heard/felt a constant rattling. I know that getting coolant out of the corners and crevaces of the motor and exhaust would take a little to clear up, but how much smoke is normal after a headgasket change?

    Also got codes P2195 and P1121, I guess I have to buy and replace the coolant valve as there seems to be no remedy for that. But I am confused by the lean code and the motor noise. Looking for some suggestions on how to move forward here....
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    Unlike the G3 a blown head gasket is somewhat rare on G2 comparatively.
    Usually caused by a severe overheat from belt falling off or a failed water pump.
    That tells me the motor was not well taken care of in its previous life.

    it may be a bad candidate for rebuild and sounds like it may have incurred more damage than a blown head gasket with moving misfires and constant rattling.

    go on YouTube search

    Prius inspection

    it will show you how to put the engine in inspection mode where it will idle
    Continuously giving you the opportunity to listen to the engine top
    And bottom. Listen closely to the bottom of the engine for vibration.

    don’t see many g2 motor rebuilds it’s easier to replace the motor with a lower mileage bone yard motor.