2005 Prius- Mountain, losing MPH on ascent! (no warning lights)

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    Premium fuel makes no difference in a Prius? The car does not care, I switch from 87 to 89 at times on a whim and it makes no difference.91 would certainly be a waste of dollars in a Prius. And your right B mode is for slowing (well as I use it anyway.) I use it to downshift for corners or you know to irritate, Tailgating, A- Holes when coming up to a red light ... it work's great for that. :)

    If you do take 80 from above Reno? You'd be only about 45 miles from Dayton NV/ Carson City. I'd be happy to help out if you run into trouble. We'd be happy to put you up or read codes if you like. :)
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    Sometimes driving slow in the right lane is the best bet, and turn on your hazard lights when others are approaching from the rear. Otherwise learn how to read the HV battery SOC (state of charge) and pull over when low (1-2 bars), then "force charge" before continuing uphill again.

    Given the vehicle age and mileage, you may want to consider reconditioning the HV battery by 'grid charging'.
    Would recommend such behavior when climbing, and it seems prudent given that the AC is electric.
    Not trying to be the contrarian here, as we have other members that actually enjoy such behavior. Many of the above replies contain valuable information, some of which may be better aligned to the newer generations with larger displacement engines that include more efficient or updated transaxles (MG1 / MG2).

    Though unlikely that the transmission would actually fall out, there are situations where it will fail when driven hard and fast at a low SOC (personally know of someone were this had happened); read this reply by @edthefox5 : Transaxle Failure | Page 12 | PriusChat
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