2007 camry hybrid won't start codes p3233 & u0110

Discussion in 'Toyota Hybrids and EVs' started by jtuchol, Aug 2, 2017.

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    Oct 2, 2014
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    @jtuchol, take a look at the Hybrid Vehicle ECU that it is seating properly, P3233 means a short in the HSDN (MG Shutdown signal) between the ECU and the Inverter. Unlike the Prius where the Hybrid Vehicle ECU is in behind the glove compartment, the Camry Hybrid Vehicle ECU is by the firewall behind the brake fluid reservoir. You may have the loosen the reservoir to have access to it. The two wiring harness connector ends have plastic slide in pins (careful when disengaging them as they are not so sturdy and easily break off) which fastens them to the ECU, you may want to take a closer look to ensure that the harnesses are making proper connection. If there are, then there is a test to check for resistance from the wire harness to the inverter which you may want to look into.