2007 Touring Bumpers and Under Carriage Plastic Parts Repair & Replace Project

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    IMG_2190.jpg IMG_2191.jpg IMG_2192.jpg IMG_2193.jpg IMG_2195.jpg IMG_2196.jpg IMG_2197.jpg IMG_2199.jpg IMG_2202.jpg IMG_2205.jpg IMG_2206.jpg IMG_2207.jpg IMG_2208.jpg IMG_2211.jpg IMG_2212.jpg I thought I would start this thread to get help with all the bumper and cosmetic problems wrong with my Prius. I guess I should start at the (bumper) beginning.

    March 2018: I was stopped at a light and someone rear ended me and took off. I tried to chase after them but heard something dragging. It turned out my rear bumper fell off. I was able to get into a parking lot and put it back on with some force. It was scratched in a few places but still worked and stayed on just fine. I continued driving as normal.

    July 2018: I was driving on an interstate at 70MPH when I hit a piece of a shredded semi truck tire flapping in the middle of the lane. It tore the front plastic grill and the license plate holder in the bumper clean off and tore some of those back panels on the bottom apart. Thankfully I think most or all of that plastic grill landed in that space behind it. I saved in so I can hopefully reinstall it.

    July 2018 (about two weeks later): I was driving at night on the same interstate in the opposite direction and again at 70MPH. I ran over a crushed construction barrel hiding in the middle of the turn and in the darkness between street lights. It torn off more of those black panels under the bumper in the front. Tore one of those black plastic panels under the back bumper on the passenger side completely off and pulled the back bumper off. I was able to secure everything with on the back with packing tape and zip ties.

    August 2018: I was at the end of a Summer road trip. I parked the Prius outside my cousin's house on the street. I woke the next morning to find out yet again someone had hit my car took off without leaving a note or anything contact information. I filed a police report and reported it to the insurance company. Re-taped the back bumper back on that was barely staying on at this point now and drove just fine five hundred miles back to school. During that drive I drove over a dear that was already flatten but I heard it tearing more of those panels and the bumper. I checked it at the next service station and it was fine.

    September 2018: I needed to replace the HID ballast on the driver's side and had to partially remove the bumper. I could not get the bumper to go back on the same way after I replaced the headlight assembly.

    October 2018: At night I hit a poor jack rabbit, a bit one too. He tore up the plastic the between the bumper and the front wheel and hit the same part of the bumper I removed when I changed the headlight. Later that night I accidentally drove off a high curve when I was backing up. It was very narrow driveway in a very old neighborhood. I pretty much tore the front bumper off on the driver side. I was able to get it to go back on with some force. I a lot of those black panels in the front get torn and bent. I was able to mostly put everything back into place with some packaging tape and using a ratchet to put some of it back on.

    Yup I know quite the luck all these pretty much happened in one school year, well technically two.

    I would like to know what parts I need to order or have replaced. I do not think the insurance company is ever going to do anything about it. "Finally, I will do it myself!" :)

    I got a replacement part of the driver side of the front bumper. It only took about five minutes to get it installed. I noticed a screw or bolt is missing. So I used a zip tie for now. What is suppose to go here anyway? Also still sticks out a little bit.

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