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For Sale 2008 Toyota Prius Silver 151k (has issues)-Humboldt County

Discussion in 'Private Sales' started by KlaustheOriginalHybrid, May 31, 2020.

  1. KlaustheOriginalHybrid

    Sep 8, 2019
    2008 Prius
    Hi I am trying to sell my Toyota Prius Hybrid 2008 Touring 4-Cylinder 1.5 L Front Wheel Drive Hatchback in Silver
    I have the Carfax in hand as well as all receipts for any work I put into the car while it has been under my name.
    I have Certificate of Title in hand. CLEAN TITLE.

    Car has some minor cosmetic damage on right rear passenger side. Interior is in great condition. Please see photos
    Because it is in limp mode, car will not run so it must be towed. I am willing to have it towed within a 100 mile radius with my Triple AAA membership free.
    -Mileage is at 151,630 miles
    -12 volt battery just replaced!
    -Smog check Vehicle Pass
    -Has brand new windshield wipers installed

    -Had an alignment done on all four tires at 150,863 miles, also I have Vehicle Alignment Report on hand

    -Recently had an oil change at 150,310 miles

    -Had all four tires rotated and balanced at 150,030 miles

    -Had tune-up done at 149,372 miles:
    All four spark plugs replaced, all four ignition coils replaced
    air filter & PCV valve replaced

    -Had all FOUR tires replaced at 144,649 miles Brand new Continental TrueContact SL,
    has less than 7,000 miles use on all four tires

    -An OEM Catalytic Converter and Gaskets were bought brand new and replaced at 138,801 miles

    Features car has:
    -Driver & passenger airbag
    -Power lock & windows
    -Cruise Control
    -Fog lights
    -Keyless entry system
    -Six CD changer & AM/FM radio
    -Power steering
    -Tilt steering column
    -Air conditioning
    -Leather Interior
    -Back up Camera

    After replacement of 12 volt battery, vehicle does start but has transmission code
    POA7A-Powertrain and POA92-Powertrain present in system
    The car currently is in limp mode for it has codes that come up when scanned with an OBD II scanner.
    Warning lights on dashboard
    Master Warning light, check engine light, VSC light, and Brake system Warning light
    The car itself will not drive or change gear, but turns on.
    Had transmission serviced, there is transmission problems and will need work.
    Also has two cells of the hybrid battery failing, needs replacement, but not the entire hybrid battery
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