2009 Certified Extended Warranty decision based on my experience

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    Long Note.

    I'm in the process of helping my sister buy a certified Prius. Here in Albuquerque there are a couple of 2009s for sale with under 70K. As part of this process I've been exploring extended warranties for the Prius.
    Why would we would want an extended warranty? There is a lot of advice and experience here on Prius Chat on both sides of the question with most folks coming down on the side of not getting one.

    We have two other GenIIs in the extend family. A 2007 certified that I bought with an extended warranty offered through the dealer. It was not the Toyota Financial Services version, but a local southwest area one. The other car is a 2009 bought new from the same dealer that another sister drives.
    The 2007 has 83K and last month the Electric Power Steering ECU failed. Cost would have been about $1000. Luckily it was covered by the extended warranty. Score one for the extended warranty. It was not covered by the Toyota Certified power warranty.
    The 2009 has 36k miles and went out of basic warranty back in January of 2012. We didn't buy an extended TFS warranty before it went out for a number of reasons. If I had, I would have bought one from Troy in Mass. Last month the audio/climate/INFO screen failed. Went to the dealer and found out replacement new is +- $4-5 k plus labor, rebuilt would be $1500 plus labor. The screen is not covered by the Hybrid systems warranty - which I find totally strange as if the screen isn't working how can the driver get the P/S, ABS, etc warnings? - . I bought a used unit off of EBay for $300. Hopefully it will work.
    If we'd purchased an extended warranty back in 2012, even for $2000, we would now have a new unit and have saved $2000!

    So I'm pursuing this warranty since it is these few, big ticket repairs/replacements that quickly equal the cost.

    BUT here's the most depressing news regarding a TFS extended warranty. I looked here on Prius Chat for a contact for Troy in MA. Didn't find it easily so googled it. Got a link to this to article from Automotive News from last spring:
    Toyota Financial Service has now made it impossible to buy extended warranties from a dealership (like Troy's in MA) online. We can only buy them from dealers in our state. So I will be sending an email to each dealer in New Mexico asking for prices on the TFS extended warranties for Certified Toyotas.
    Not the best news.

    Ed K