2009 Prius Bad MFD Replacement Options

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    I have a 2009 Prius and the MFD, Multi-Function Display, is bad. I know this is "normal" and should have been a recall thing but...we are where we are. I've read numerous posts and have found the site for for possible repairs. I've also found replacements on ebay and other sites.

    Regarding the above I have a few questions. See Below.

    My radio still works, I just can't see what station it is on. Took some trial and error to get my Bluetooth device to connect, well, till I could navigate to the right station without a display. So that part is all good. I know I can put in a new radio that would have it's own display but it would be nice to take advantage of that MFD space.

    I know I can control the basics of my Climate system from the steering wheel but it's not enough. I'd also like to see details about the battery, which generally can only be done with the MFD.

    I've read about OBD devices that can connect to my phone where I can use an App to check the battery and other issues. So I'm looking into that for the battery part. But that doesn't solve the Climate issue or taking calls.

    Anyway, my questions are...
    1. Is there an alternative MFD I can replace the Toyota one with, even one that goes where the radio does but offers climate control and battery info, maybe through the OBD port? This thing has been around since 2004, 17 years, are there no aftermarket options still?

    2. I have the Nav version but I've obviously not been able to use it and have also heard...not good things about it. I have a smartphone so I don't really need it. I haven't pulled my car apart to find the exact Model of my Nav enabled MFD so, question, can I replace the Nav Enabled one with a NON Nav-Enabled one so I at least have access to the Climate and Radio and maybe Bluetooth and the Battery Info? Meaning, is the NON Nav version compatible with my car?

    3. Is my best option to just pay the $250-$300 to have mine repaired and re-install it myself? I assume that would keep the resale value of the car higher.

    Thanks in advance for any tips.
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    I’m afraid I’m really only here for the replies (I’m in the same boat — tho’ mine is a 2005 — and I’m wondering whether getting a ~$250–$350 eBay replacement is my only/best option.)

    The one helpful piece of advice I can offer, tho’, is that the parts department at my local Toyota dealer was able to look up the exact part number for my nav-enabled MFD using my VIN — hopefully that will help you get your part number without pulling your dash apart, too.
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    Not that I'm aware.
    It is not necessarily whether you have an or not, but it is technically possible. However, it is not a plug-and-play swap. You will need to reconfigure (one of??) the plugs otherwise you stand to create some magic smoke. When these questions come up in posts, I do wonder why people just don't find a working MFD with the same part number and swap it out why make life harder than it needs to be?
    In my opinion, yes, unless you can find a working secondhand one cheaper.

    A reliable place to get the repair done is through a member here who is well respected and runs AutoBeYours in Scottsburg, Indiana or Titusville, Florida.

    The details of their service can be found here: AutoBeYours | Touchscreen repair