2010- Button Horn, Aftermarket Replacement

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    I just bought a $1000 white beat-up 2010 Prius with 298,000 miles. A lot of work to be done to get back on the road. Fortunately for me and after ~3 months, I got all minimum maintenance tasks done less the horn, a necessity for passing the vehicle inspection. The former owner claimed he had a vehicle spin out on ice that damaged the front end of Prius.

    - $10 horn, high tone
    - $7 8 gauge wires and horn button
    - 8 gauge speaker wires; i used this over the wire that came with the hor button package

    - STEERING WHEEL HORN- didn't work
    - FUSE- was missing; replaced with a new 10amp fuse but still didn't work
    - RELAY- the original horn relay was not there; replaced it with a new one-- the horn still didn't work. Swapped places with another relay next to it-- the horn still didn't work. A friend helping me, told me the relays didn't make any clicking sounds.
    - FRONT HORNS- didn't bother as they are buried under my front bumper that is put together with +12 zip ties and washer.
    - DECIDE- EASY/CHEAP BUTTON- My techstream readings didn't show a historical steering wheel airbag deployment, but my intuition tells me something in that steering column is broken and limiting the horn's performance. Airbag clock springs alone cost ~$45-$200, ranging from used to new. I ultimately decided to not open up the steering column to replace the horn, and to commit to an after-market horn.


    - I found a through port in the firewall just under the steerign column
    - pushed a coat wire through from inside the firewall to into the engine bay. I then hook-pulled the wire (sprayed it with silicon spray first) back in cabin from the engine bay.

    - I decided to place it high left of my knee on the dashboard
    - removed a small dashboard panel near my left knee
    - i hooked up the positive & negative cable to the horn button
    - i knotted the wire to ensure it didn't recede back into and behind the dash panel

    - I placed the new horn in front of the positive battery terminal within the engine fuse box
    - connected 1st wire line to the positive terminal
    - connected 2nd wire directly to the horn
    - from the horn I grounded a 3rd wire to the engine frame

    - reconnected the 12v rear battery
    - silly, I actually went for the steering horn... dud, then reached down and pushed the new horn button
    - honk, honk--- nice.
    - now, I'm finally ready for the state inspection
    P_20200610_121759.jpg P_20200610_121752.jpg P_20200610_113808.jpg P_20200610_121854.jpg P_20200610_121905.jpg P_20200610_113722.jpg P_20200610_153318.jpg horn mod.jpg P_20200610_170215.jpg P_20200610_170529.jpg P_20200610_170539.jpg P_20200610_153813.jpg P_20200610_113832.jpg P_20200610_113846.jpg P_20200610_113919.jpg P_20200610_113942.jpg P_20200610_114204.jpg P_20200610_114214.jpg P_20200610_151849.jpg P_20200610_121138.jpg P_20200610_120831.jpg P_20200610_114904.jpg P_20200610_114910.jpg P_20200610_114403.jpg P_20200610_114418.jpg P_20200610_153322.jpg P_20200610_153332.jpg P_20200610_153829.jpg
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