2010 no-nav, no jbl, upgrade to Android Auto, all new spks

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    Dec 29, 2019
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    2010 Prius
    Started building my 2010 model 2, using some old gear and some new:

    Head unit: Kenwood DMX905s
    iDataLink Maestro MRR
    Maestro Harness T01
    Backup Camera
    Second Camera (puppy cam)

    Front Door and Dashboard Speakers: Kenwood kfc-xp6903c

    Rear Door Speakers: TBD (Boston Acoustics Pro Series 6.5?)

    Eclipse 33230 - 130w x 2ch rms
    Profile California - 150w x 2ch rms

    I pulled the HU from my other prius, and the wiring done by the shop that installed it was awful. I decided to get the Maestro MRR unit, to simplify installation and add functionality. The HU supports AA Wireless, and two camera inputs. One will activate when the car is put into reverse, the other will be selected if my dog is sleeping in the back seat and I want to check up on him.

    I don't want to install a subwoofer this time, so I looked everywhere to find 6x9"s that would fit. This kenwood component set is really interesting. I installed it today, and was very impressed with what comes in the box for $220. It's a 4ohm component set, designed to be OEM replacement.

    Woofer: The kit comes with everything I needed to install this woofer into the prius. The multi-application speaker bracket had holes that lined up with the stock mounting holes. The woofer fits the factory location by using the bracket, and the spacer ring. This created a generous spacing behind the speaker magnet, to clear the window glass. The crossover is built onto the speaker, so I wired to the low-pass post by cutting the factory speaker harness off, and splicing the pigtail directly to the factory wires.

    Mid/Tweet: I bought the 3" kit, but they do offer a 2" kit. I suspect that the 2" kit would fit without needing to trim the dash at all. The trimming necessary to fit the 3" was minimal, and very, very easy. To wire the mids, I used red fork terminals, into the factory harness. This will effectively bridge the factory connector, and add the mid in parallel with the woofer. I haven't screwed my mids into the dash yet, because the 3" won't fit with the stock holes.

    I took it for a test drive with the new woofer/mids installed with the stock (non-jbl) radio. It was much cleaner sounding, and moves the sound stage front and center. The woofers handled much more bass, and I will recommend this kit to anybody who's upgrading their prius speakers. I'm excited to hear them running on HU power, and then later on with an amplifier.

    I added sound deadening in the doors as well, and noticed that my 12v battery is probably original, and dying.

    Has anybody installed speakers in the rear doors? The 6.5s I have lying around are very power hungry, and installing a second amp is more than I wanted to do... But if there's appreciable benefit, I'll give it a go. It would give me an opportunity to deaden those rear doors as well.

    I'll post more when I get the Maestro Installed. I'm very curious about what control if offers over a prius of this vintage.
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    Did you get it done??