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2010 Prius, Two CV Axle Swaps

Discussion in 'Gen 3 Prius Care, Maintenance & Troubleshooting' started by Prius_Angie, Feb 26, 2022.

  1. Prius_Angie

    Prius_Angie Active Member

    Aug 9, 2015
    Saint Louis
    2010 Prius
    OVERALL. Nice big project today swapping out both CV axles in under 5hrs. I'm fortunate to have access to a shop lift & pneumatic tools. Driver side CV axle was bad & at 246k miles. Rationale- I'm estimating Prius probably won't make 300k miles, cheap parts, & that i was already under the vehicle; for fun-- I decided to swap them both out. It didn't affect any of the steering, so a wheel alignment was not necessary.

    LESSONS LEARNED. I should've ordered new axle nuts, as 1:2 old ones were beat up pretty good coming out.

    1. LIFT & REMOVE TIRE. I lifted the car; starting with the driver side CV axle, I removed the wheels and removed the axle nut (with penetrating oil). I had to use a pin punch to bend out the dent in the axle nut. With a dead blow hammer I hit/pushed the axle inward to evidence free play away from the bearing -hub & knuckle.
    2. FREE-UP KNUCKLE. I removed two hub bolts connecting the driver front strut & upper knuckle. I left alone the bottom bolt (attached to the ball joint) & outer tie rod. This allowed me to bend back the knuckle and tease out the CV axle with ease. Also disentangled the brake lines attached to the knuckle.
    3. REMOVE CV AXLE. With the CV axle outer end dangling on the knuckle, I went under the car to access the inner CV axle. With a long pry bar, I loosened free the CV axle from its clamped transaxle attachment. Some ATF leaked from the CV axle removal, but I caught it.
    4. REPLACE NEW CV AXLE. The CV axle didn't fully seat, so I pushed the remaining 2cms in with a pry bar & hammer. There are notched ledge points on the housing of the inner CV axle. I placed white lithium grease on outer splines for bearing hub contact.
    5. RESEAT KNUCKLE. In reverse, I replaced the two hub bolts & brake lines connecting front strut & upper knuckle- torque specs- strut bolts 177ft lbs; axle nut 159ft lbs
    6. REPLACE TIRE. Since I was already under the car, I rotated the tires back to front. Torque lugs 77ft lbs.
    7. REPEAT OTHER SIDE. Now for doing the same procedure for the passenger side CV axle.
    8. REPLACE ATF FLUID. I performed a routine AFT fluid exchange using 10mm hex wrench to remove both fill bolts. My last ATF fluid exchange was 35k miles ago.
    9. ROAD TEST. A week post procedure, all things fine: no alignment problems, no weird noises, etc.

    30 mm socket
    12-22mm assorted sockets wrenches
    breaker bar
    mallet; dead blow hammer
    pin punch
    clip removal tool
    long pry bar
    torque wrench
    ATF fluid gallon; hose & funnel
    spray brake cleaning
    lithium grease
    spray rust penetrant

    20220223_145936.jpg 20220223_145946.jpg 20220223_150449.jpg 20220223_151429.jpg 20220223_152441.jpg 20220223_152711.jpg 20220223_152723.jpg 20220223_153117.jpg 20220223_153123.jpg 20220223_153130.jpg 20220223_153408.jpg 20220223_153423.jpg 20220223_153708.jpg 20220223_153713.jpg 20220223_154053.jpg 20220223_154119.jpg 20220223_154246.jpg 20220223_154250.jpg 20220223_154300.jpg 20220223_154306.jpg 20220223_154309.jpg 20220223_160042.jpg 20220223_160053.jpg 20220223_160253.jpg 20220223_160436.jpg 20220223_163145.jpg 20220223_163151.jpg 20220223_163158.jpg 20220223_164107.jpg 20220223_164127.jpg 20220223_164134.jpg 20220223_164736.jpg 20220223_164742.jpg 20220223_164747.jpg 20220223_164751.jpg 20220223_165045.jpg 20220223_165049.jpg 20220223_165054.jpg 20220223_165105.jpg 20220223_170232.jpg 20220223_172750.jpg 20220223_172753.jpg 20220223_172800.jpg 20220223_172805.jpg 20220223_175503.jpg 20220223_175511.jpg 20220223_175738.jpg
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  2. hill

    hill High Fiber Member

    Jun 23, 2005
    Montana & Nashville, TN
    2004 Prius
    Very thorough right up! Excellent work. It's been a while since i saw use of old school pneumatic rattle gun. Wonder if there's a market for my ¾" Ingersoll Rand boat anchor.
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  3. RightOnTime

    RightOnTime Senior Member

    Sep 21, 2012
    Kidnapped in OC, CA
    2012 Prius Plug-in
    Plug-in Base
    Very good write up!

    I just beg of you to replace your 12 year old struts and shocks in the future. You will thank me later
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