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    Last week, a 3 foot tree branch, from a neighbor's old rotted-dying tree, fell on the rear of my pretty blue 2010 Prius. The damage was centered on the spoiler / fin. My neighbor has a scheduled tree cut down in less than a week; bad timing. The blue Prius is my luxury ride; I drive blue when I'm trying to keep up image standards. Perhaps this is why I should [change my tune] not have nice things. My silver daily driver doesn't care for pretty; she's my workhorse. A used/new spoiler ranges from $130 - $300 + labor; insurance has a deductible. No-go. I decided not to involve the insurance nor the neighbor and take care of it myself since I have 3x Prii on inventory. I decided to just swap out spoilers from my silver daily Prius with my pretty blue Prius. Some stuck plastic grommets gave me pause. It took an hour to do, but the rain drug it to 3 hours.
    P_20200721_182415.jpg P_20200721_182428.jpg P_20200721_184437.jpg P_20200721_194245.jpg P_20200721_194251.jpg P_20200721_194301.jpg P_20200721_183755.jpg P_20200721_183836.jpg P_20200721_183830.jpg P_20200721_181157.jpg P_20200721_181204.jpg P_20200721_181211.jpg P_20200721_181218.jpg P_20200721_181248.jpg P_20200721_181257.jpg P_20200721_181351.jpg P_20200721_181747.jpg P_20200721_182901.jpg P_20200721_182856.jpg P_20200721_183006.jpg P_20200721_181642.jpg P_20200721_181658.jpg P_20200721_181702.jpg P_20200721_181408.jpg P_20200721_181415.jpg P_20200721_181513.jpg P_20200721_181517.jpg P_20200721_181521.jpg P_20200721_181524.jpg P_20200721_181527.jpg P_20200721_182040.jpg P_20200721_182045.jpg
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