2012 Camry Hybrid Prolong Reconditioning Results

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    Since its relatively cool now I decided do my first full reconditioning with my Prolong kit. I have a 2012 JDM Spec Camry Hybrid with 90k miles on it.
    I started Sunday evening by driving down a local mountain road to bring SoC to 75% and did three full fill and balances and 2 discharges to finish Wednesday afternoon.

    Before I started I ran a battery test using Hybrid Assistant with a 10-11amp draw:

    My main reason for doing this is that I was noticing that after around SoC 45% the battery would drain faster and even when the engine kicked in at 40% it would dip as low as 34% before it started coming back up. This was getting worse because initially it would only dip to 38%.

    My parameters are still well within acceptable ranges but those dips had me concerned. Notice how the voltage delta (gray area) increased as SoC drops.

    Couple things I noticed:
    • 1st fill topped out at 289v after 13hrs.
    • 2nd fill peaked at 288 after 15hrs but , over the next 6 hrs dropped down to 284v?? This was now during the day so I don't know if it was due to the higher ambient temperature. So I stopped there and started discharging.
    • 3rd fill took 18hrs and topped out at 286v.
    I let it rest for about 2hrs (I remember that story of the person who wasn't patient and started it too quickly :D) and started it up. Drove it around for a bit and definitely noticed a difference. Did another test and here was the result:

    Delta is now more stable throughout. However I now notice a slight increase in the delta during charging?
    Unfortunately the scales of these 2 graphs are different so I exported the data and tried to combine it in one graph:
    Orange/Yellow is before(BMax, BMin, BSoc), Blue is after. The Purple Line is SoC After.

    A couple things stand out:
    • Both started at 60 SoC and ended at 50 but now its starting and finishing at lower voltages than before. One thing to note: The post-test actually started at 62% SoC. I just discarded the values before 60 SOC, so I don't know if that had any impact. But is this normal?
    • Notice the precipitous falloff in the Before SOC just prior to and even after the engine started. That's not there now. But they both charge at the same rate.
    • The gradient seems to be much shallower now and It's lasting longer, ( by roughly a minute ) before the engine kicks in.
    Its still early days so I'll run another test in about a week to see if these improvements hold. I'm curious about the voltage changes though. Hopefully some of the experts like @2k1Toaster and @ericbecky can chime in :D
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    Also worth including @jeff652 with his thoughts;).

    He's usually interested in the results and will offer his thoughts when he's not beating the streets(y).
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