2012 Prius II Engine help 177K miles

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    Mar 29, 2012
    2012 Prius
    2012 Prius II 177K miles

    Need guidance of look into repair, replace, and insights/recommendations for what to do.

    I am considering taking it to be assessed but am concerned about driving.

    It has only required routine maintenance to this point. I was hoping to get more miles from it and like it more the older it gets (current situation excluded).

    Some info:
    - Original Owner
    - 177K miles
    - Regularly maintained, no ERG cleaning (just learned about that here)
    - A few months ago a dealership let me know the oil was low and dirty, after it had been changed about 2 weeks prior at a different dealership - I saw the oil and level.
    - For a couple of months the car would sometimes beep when I made a hard right turn - no lights on the dash or anything
    - System maintenance light came on, wife called dealership and they said it's fine, no maintenance needed
    - Finally, the beep came on and for about a second (literally) there was a flash on the dash that said low engine oil pressure
    - Put in about 3-4 quarts of oil and drove for a couple of days, no visible oil leaks
    - Started one day and there was loud engine knocking, wife said it had previously done that. Has reduced/gone away.
    - Have only moved car into garage since then

    Codes (used blue driver):
    - C1241 ABS, low or high poser supply voltage
    - B1442 AC, Air inlet damper control servo motor
    - B1585 Navigation system (don't have navi on the car), current/history usb device malfunction
    - P148F Engine, Current/history engine coolant pump over revolution
    - B2312 RR door motor code, current/history, check report for description (nothing)