2013 Prius C vs 2015 Prius

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    I just traded in my 2013 Prius C 2 for a 2015 Prius 2. Let me start by saying your mileage will vary. I drove the C for 66,000 miles on my daily 100 round trip commute (mostly freeway, hilly and sometimes windy) and had a lifetime average of 54 mpg. The reliability of the car was perfect. Not one thing wrong with it. It was hard not to like the C with its great gas mileage however, the ride was just too harsh and the cabin too loud at freeway speeds where I spend most of my time. I was just tired of getting beat up by the bumpy ride and I just couldn't pass up the fantastic deal I got for the 2015 Prius. ($17991) It has a much quieter and smoother ride on the freeway and so far the gas mileage has been similar over the same commute that I drove with the C. The HSI display looks a little dated on the 2015 compared to the C but it does get the job done. Other than that, I like everything about 2015 better than the C. Now that I have driven both cars I wish that I had paid the extra money to buy a liftback instead of the C in the first place.
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