2013 Prius Four - HUD, Solar Roof, Prius Plus - $13950

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    2013 Prius
    Rare Blizzard Pearl with charcoal/black Softex interior. Originally an Arizona car for 6 years (owned by Surgeon in Scottsdale, AZ…sold it to me to buy a new Tesla). Spent the last year in Colorado, always garaged. Oil changed and tires rotated religiously every 5k miles using 0W20 Toyota Synthetic. Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and Inverter coolant changed recently changed.

    Highly maintained vehicle with all service and maintenance records since new. Originally an Arizona car for 6 years and spent the last year in Colorado, always garaged. Oil changed and tires rotated religiously every 5k miles using 0W20 Toyota Synthetic.

    108k miles. Brand NEW tires & alignment (3.5 months ago). ICE and Inverter coolant changed ~3k miles ago.

    Additional parts added:
    • Genuine Toyota Parts PTR07-47100 Lowering Springs ($200)
    • Genuine Toyota Parts PTR11-47010 Plus Sway Bar ($289.85)
    • Genuine Toyota Forged Prius Plus Wheels PTR2047010 (17”x7”) ($349/each) (Set of 5 - $1,745)
    o Extra wheel to be used as a spare wheel
    o Also, have (2) Yokohama Avid Envigor tires with 75% tread left (as backups or sell them)
    • Cusco Power Brace, Rear End
    • Cusco Power Brace, Front
    • Cusco Front Strut Tower Brace
    • Silk Blaze Sport Steering Wheel with blue stitching ($315)
    • Valenti Solid Red Jewel LED Tail lights ($516)
    • BRAND NEW 225/45/17 Continental Pure Contact LS tires with Eco Plus Technology ($632.20)
    (FREE replacement certificates and lifetime rotate/balance from Discount Tire)
    • Carmate Cup Holder and Organizer (under center console)
    • Front and Rear WeatherTech Floor mats and rubber Toyota Rear hatch mat
    o Front and Rear Stock Carpet Floor mats and rear hatch mat
    • Llumar “Air 80” on front windshield (reduces heat inside car by 20 degrees)
    o “Air Blue 80 has been proven to reduce glare and lessen effects of the suns solar energy heating your car. Heat rejection helps keep you cool by deflecting 43% of the suns total solar energy, an enormous factor contributing to internal heat gain. Air Blue 80 also keeps comfortability in mind, so you can say goodbye to turbo air conditioning and burning unnecessary fuel”
    o “Why Choose Clear AIR Blue Window Film? The Llumar AIR Blue window film offers all the benefits of a new vehicle window tint, without the need to darken your windows. This means protection for UV rays, heat reduction, and shatter protection without drastically altering your visibility out the window.
     Blocks over 99% of UV rays
     Rejects up to 43% of solar energy
     Up to 84% of visible light transmission
    • 15% Llumar window tint on back window/back doors with 5% eyebrow on windshield
    • Colorado Legal Limit Tint on Driver and Passenger doors
    • 3M Clear Bra since Day 1 covering entire front bumper, 24” hood, side mirrors, door handle cups, and rear wheel wells.
    Discount Tire_New Tires.jpg 00i0i_2tagBnXJOgg_1200x900.jpg 00I0I_5QZv2aWZgRu_1200x900.jpg 00k0k_kZ1WLV7yYoy_1200x900.jpg 00n0n_hDYw5iWgb24_1200x900.jpg 00S0S_giA2tHbRooS_1200x900.jpg 00t0t_kfb2lSLbLXU_1200x900.jpg 00x0x_8NwYWXhdHEu_1200x900.jpg 01313_1uhlTIQVn4X_1200x900.jpg

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    still for sale?
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    2013 Prius
    Man exact trim as mine! I def want to install all the parts you have in the future.
    I bought mine back in February with 60,000 miles