2014 Prius C One backup camera install

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    Mar 8, 2020
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    2014 Prius c
    This weekend, I installed a backup camera on my 2014 Prius C One, and thought I would document the setup for posterity. However... I didn’t take any photos, because I honestly didn’t know if I was doing it correctly until halfway through. :) But now that I’m done and everything works great, I’ll provide whatever photos I can, and maybe some illustrations, to make the process clear. I’ll be editing and updating this post over the next few days.

    1. The Camera:

    This camera was $34 on Amazon, and had great reviews, so I didn’t see the need to go with anything more expensive. It is a full mirror that clips over your existing mirror. The tint is a little blue, which might bother some. But I don’t mind it.

    2. The Setup: Summary:
    - Test the equipment
    - Install the camera
    - Hatch work: Drill a hole / feed wires / seal hole
    - Feed wires from hatch through the Gasket of Doom into the car
    - Tail Light Tap: Find the reverse tail light power wire / tap into it / attach ground
    - Feed wires through bottom moulding to rear view mirror / connect
    - Done! Adjust camera

    Keep watching for photo and illustration updates that will expand on each of the above steps.
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