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2015 Prius C One cruise control and Backup Camera

Discussion in 'Prius c Accessories and Modifications' started by noname87, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. noname87

    noname87 Junior Member

    Jul 2, 2008
    2008 Prius
    My daughter just purchased a 2015 Prius C One and asked about adding cruise control and a backup camera.

    For cruise control, there are a few threads that mention aftermarket kits. Some mention installation did not go smoothly. My question is can a purchase the parts needed from Toyota? Do I need more than just the cruise control stalk?

    For the backup camera, I am guessing the wire harness needed is not there. Correct? My question is the does the One has the stereo head with the needed connector for a back up system.
  2. Leadfoot J. McCoalroller

    Leadfoot J. McCoalroller Senior Member

    May 12, 2018
    2018 Prius c
    If I have it right, you just need to get the control stalk. The Rostra aftermarket kit is (last I checked) a box containing an OEM Toyota stalk and some incorrect instructions.

    n.b. I put a Rostra kit on our old Hyundai. Works great but the instructions were poorly done and I had to do some detective work to properly finish the job.

    Toyota doesn't provide instructions at all; they think they are selling you a replacement stalk for your ≥Two. You ought to be able to rent the manual and apply the procedure for a broken stalk.

    I've never seen a comparison of price between the two sources.

    I don't think the wiring is there. I have no idea if the head unit they used that year even has a video input. Information is hard to come by on these just because nobody makes money on old Toyota head units, so nobody bothers to study or remember the details.

    One gotcha I can share: The native Toyota cameras run on 6 volts. Toyota head units provide the necessary 12v->6v adaptation. Almost all aftermarket cameras are 12v. The Toyota head units accept a completely standard composite analog video signal, nothing odd about that- you just have to get the power supply correct. I imagine you could just wire in a $1 relay to trigger +12v on the camera line from 6v detected out of the head unit.
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