2015 Prius v Interior Lighting & JDM Accessories

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    Mar 4, 2015
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    2015 Prius v wagon
    Hi All,

    I'm picking up my new Prius v this weekend and I couldn't be happier. I actually bought it over a month ago and its been sitting in storage because I couldnt find a parking situation for it (the joys of living in San Francisco). Anyways - during my time of dreaming of the Prius v being in my posession I began thinking of some modest mods I can do to it. I have found extremely limited options for 2015 Prius v. I am going to list the things I am interested in and hopefully you all can point me in the right direction or even tell me if I can buy the Prius Liftback version or earlier year versions.

    1. Illuminated Door Scuff Plates similar to this one (or maybe this one will even work): HERE I'd like to wire this to the dome light - Does anyone have a DIY on this?

    2. Interior Illumination Kit (JDM CAN BE FOUND HERE) but not sure if that will fit 2015 ''v''. I would also like lighting in the cup holders as well as the footwells/under seats. I'd love to be able to wire this and make a custom dimmable switch that goes in one of the extra switch bays.

    3. JDM Signal Folding mirrors with puddle lights. What do I need to order? I saw a DIY tutorial on this and it looks like I'm going to have to have a pro install this one.

    4. I have the Magnetic Grey color and I would like to PlastiDip all the emblems while still retaining the blue color. Where is a good place to buy the emblems - Id rather buy a set and try to modify those before messing with the originals. Do you suggest going to a junkyard and trying to pull off some old logos?

    5. I'd also like to disable the Navagation Speed as well as the Back-up mirror limitations. I see the Prous chat store has these both for $190. It's be great to have it in "Normal Factory Mode" then flip a small switch and have the "Hacked Mode" Do you think this voids any warranty?

    I know newbies are notorious for posting threads that have already been discussed but I havent found anything specific to what I'm asking. If you know a thread please send me the link. I'm excited and happy to share my mods once they are complete and be able to contribute more in the future.


    * It wont let me include links - sorry if you google it youll know what im talking about :)
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    Nov 17, 2014
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    "illuminated door scuff plates..."

    Now that sounds decadent - and something I would like. But I've never seen them, even at JDMToy. (Maybe JC Whitney has some imported from Uzbekistan.)

    The folding mirrors are out there. I've seen them here.

    But what I REALLY want is a blind spot warning system, both audible and with a light in the outside rear view mirror. In the meantime I'm going lo-tech and attaching a "bubble" corner mirror.

    As for mods that make a difference in handling (many) and power (just one), check out photos of my mods. Stiffening the v's body with braces (3) and struts (1) is primary. Next is wider wheels & tires, lowering springs and heavier front sway bar. I have all of these and the difference is amazing. Now if there was just a way to make the steering ratio faster.
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    Oct 20, 2014
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    2013 Prius v wagon
    Welcome Brian,

    I have done a few mods to my 2013 v 5. Some of which was addressed in the 2015 design. One mod I did that you mentioned is the JDM mirrors ( Minus the motorized folding). There are extensive write ups on how to do it here in the forums but I let a pro do it. I have to say thats one of the mods I enjoy the most here in the foggy bay area =) I can offer a recommendation to a local shop if that would help OR guide you to the proper posts, which I used when I talked to the shop anyway.