2017 Prius Prime Needs New Tires....finally

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    I agree about the very confusing similar names. Arg!
    However, they are very different tires.

    The Michelin Primacy A/S (/Michelin Primacy All Season), is the newest(as of 05/2022) of the Michelin Primacy series.
    As I mentioned, this tire is used on the Rav4 Hybrids. There are various threads comparing MPG effects of the OEM Rav4 Michelin Primacy A/S, verses other tires. Iirc, the MPG of the Michelin Primacy A/S where hard to beat.

    Note: A few MPG/ev-miles is not relevant when it comes to old vs new tires. Old tires are smaller in diameter. So, for the exact distance "x", old tires show "more miles" driven than new tires. Also, new tires have more grip/traction. That also has a slight effect.

    Also, in places like New England, there's no such thing as a typical weather day/week/month/year.
    So, longer term (than a week or month), is often needed to get decent comparative results.
    Imho, if people want "Ground Hog Day like weather", head on down to Orange County Calf. :)

    While doing google searches, the Michelin Primacy A/S reminded me of the Oldsmobile Cutlass.
    For many years, the Cutlass was the top selling car in America. So, Oldsmobile, in their "infinite wisdom", decided to offer many different Cutlass models.
    Similar to what Toyota did with the Prius. :)

    However, the 70's and 80's where volatile periods in the Automotive industry and _Automotive design_.
    GM was full into it's "don't over-design" philosophy. However, the technology, and the knowledge weren't fully there yet. Hence, a lot of issues with many GM vehicles. Since GM had multiple Cutlass models, it was guaranteed that one or more of those models would have issues. As it ended up, just about all models had some issue. So, GM ended up with a model/brand, that was known to have many different issues. It looked like nothing at all was reliable with the Cutlass (engine, body, tranny, leaks, suspension, etc). Hence, the very quick decline of model.

    It is interesting that Michelin has/had so many Primacy versions.
    And, I don't know what's up with Michelin often referring to the tire as Michelin Primacy All Season.
    Guess that no one at Michelin ever heard of the rise, and very fast decline, of one of the best selling models made by an American automotive manufacture. :)
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    I have not noticed any drop in mileage.